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Loki is So Old. Granted moving sucks no matter how old you are.

Thanks for reading! See you next week! <3

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  1. Remember, Loki, an apple a day keeps the old age away.

    • He’s all out of apples.

      • Iðunn still mad at him over that whole abduction thing?

        • I doubt she’s nuts over it, but still…

    • Heh, and for the Norse Gods, that’s actually literal!

  2. But… but… Loki is a god! If a teenage can make even a god feel old, then what hope is there for the rest of us!?

  3. New clothes! New clothes! New clothes, yay! Except for Hedda.
    :( Boo.

    I am totally going to need to go back to the panels where they were shopping and try to draw fanart of Hedda in a new gown, because my baby needs it. *nodnod*

    • It looks more to me like everyone just took off a layer to work, but that fan art is still needed. Definitely needed. *nods*

    • Ooperson already said this but yeah no one’s gotten new clothes, they’re just not wearing all of the ones they have, hahaha. But I will never object to fanart!! :D

  4. I love that “old” caption.

  5. Ahhh, this brings a smile to my face. Love your interactions. I would love to read a novel of this story…..

    I know you are too busy for that Sarah. But fanfic….. anyone????

    • Do not tempt me to write fanfic. I would totally do it.

      • There you go Queenie, Sarah would like some too……..

        I would knit you a beanie? of your choice if you do a good long one…..
        (on knees begging with anime eyes)

        • Dude I could never say no to a beanie. You have found my weakness!

          I’m so tempted, but I don’t know what to write. A novel version following the plot of the actual comic? Random one off with the characters hanging out? Equally random moment of Loki exploding out of the barrow mound with Rollo shouting “SEATBELTS EVERYONE!”?

          • I spin my own yarn too….. merino or alpaca? Plain, ribbed or fancy. I can knit it. Just not entralac. Shudders……..

            Maybe make up some side trips? Or some speculation on past stories that are not canon yet. Like Who Torvald was and Acacia. Was their match an a political arrangement or a love match? Both occurred in that time.
            Coals murderous uncles? Were they Torvalds brothers or Acacias?
            Am I being helpful?

      • Y’know what fanfic I’d love to see?

        This + Magnus Chase!

    • Ah, thank you! Yeah I don’t really have time to do a novelization but I’d be all over fanfics. :D

  6. So i recall Loki saved Coal’s life and ace him a bit of a weapon. Something happened to Ibraham in Constantinople that made him scared of travel and he has a special knife, Arne had his life likely save and has a torque. Hrm. Loki was busy. It makes me wonder about Hedda….

  7. Wait, do gods get tired from being old? We saw him age, but are there actually store is where the gods get affected by age?

    • There is the story of Idunn and the magic apples the gods eat to stay young. When she’s kidnapped and the gods start to age, they make Loki go and retrieve her. It was his fault she got captured anyway so he deserved it. In TMK’s universe, at least, the gods sort of age. Loki isn’t a member of the Aesir anyway so I treat him more like a regular human.

  8. Old? What do you mean, “old”?
    Loki, you’re a God. A freaking full-blooded God, for Christ’s Sake!
    Aren’t you supposed to be stronger than the standard human,
    not to mention being able to shrug off decades and centuries like Gods usually do?

    *Hulk*: Puny God.

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