Chapter 13 | Page 3

No one saw anything.

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  1. Arne: “That was totally wicked!!!”

  2. Ahhh, look who’s embarrassed. XD

  3. Coal stronk. Coal can into lifting heavy stuffs.

    Also, Loki sneakily making Coal carry all the heavy things while he just walks beside him. Classic Loki move.

    • That’d be the perfect thing for Loki & Co. sitcom.

      *Loki does something

      Anyone: “Classic Loki.”

      *play laugh track*

      • *Loki gives a blind guy an arrow of mistletoe and gets the blind guy to shoot Balder to death*

        “Classic Loki move”

        *Laugh track plays*

    • Loki’s good at sneakily getting others to do things for him. Like Tom Sawyer.

  4. Just carrying a box here. Like you do.

  5. Wait, was he barefoot in one panel and booted in the next?

  6. Arnie is just so “My Hero!!!!!!” isn’t he.

    Coal just make me laugh.

    Sarah I love your work. so many smiles

    • Thank you! Arne definitely admires Coal, for some reason.

  7. *cricket noises*

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