Chapter 13 | Page 4

Don’t stare, you’ll make him drop it.

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  1. Hedda, don’t scowl at people. It’s not polite.

    • She’s…not? Haha, I guess it can be hard to tell but don’t worry, she’s not scowling at anyone.

  2. What’s it the box Coal?

  3. And that’s the origin of Olympic weightlifting

    • Too bad the Olympics came well before the Vikings.

  4. I like how Hedda and Ibrahim both look somewhat concerned, but Arne’s just happily amused at Coal’s display of strength :D

  5. It looks like Hedda and Ibrahim are both going “that is not normal” whilst Arnie is “oh wow he is so strong Yay!”
    Whatever is in that casket brings sadness to our young einherjar. Memories of his Mother?

  6. Ooo, I wonder if this was the chest with the little reliquary looking thing in it?

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