Chapter 13 | Page 8

We believe in you, Arne.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. Omg that last panel is so cute I’m going to diiiieeee.


  2. So am I smarter or dumber to think, “weeeelll, if you reeeaaally want to help, don’t tell him I said so, but Loki needs your torque.”

    • Haha! Is Coal smart enough to even think of asking??

  3. Omigosh, he’s so adorable

  4. Too adorable.

  5. This is a good plan. A sound plan. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

  6. Arne is just too precious for words!

  7. such big brother vibes……Coal so grumpy still.
    Arnie is so bouncy. He is going to tell isn;t he….

    • “I’ma gonna tell, then I’ma gonna sneak on the boat and stow away with you while Mama and the other angry villagers chase you down to the sea!” (Non-payment for repairs.)

    • No one has any faith in Arne!

  8. Somebody gots celebrity fever and he’s doin’ fine!

    • Arne is as calm as can be, don’t you get it???

  9. I don’t believe in Arne at all, except, of course, for believing he’ll spill the beans at the first opportunity. Insane people er, children (is there any real difference?) are like that.

    • I don’t know why everyone thinks an excitable 12-year-old can’t keep a secret.

      • Most people remember what they were like as 12yos. Arne is rather guileless. Not that Coal is much better having become the surly grumpy almost non verbal 15yo male.
        Being dead hasn’t improved his attitude. Sarah?

  10. I’ve got faith in you Arne! you can keep their secret (at least till the next chapter)!!
    Besides, even if/when he says something, he’s so cute he’s just going to have to forgive him :D

    • Yeah! You couldn’t stay mad even if he did spill the beans. :3

  11. This is why I love kids. They are just so precious.

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