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Loki is losing Best Dad status.

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  1. YES !!!!!! NEW HEDDA CLOTHES !!!

    Goodness, even though it makes sense that a young woman would be skilled in most home building chores in order to find a good husband, I wonder what Arne’s mom thinks of Hedda knowing as much as she claims? Especially since they came by such a magnificent boat. Anyone that owns their own ship is highly wealthy, and since it was buried with Coal’s mom, it would likely have been made prettier before the burial with more carvings and such.

    Also gotta wonder how many people it would normally take to steer Rollo. No one is curious to know if they lost other sailors?
    Nor have they asked why they had the dragon head attached in the first place? Come on guys! They might have been a raiding party in the area!

    • They have one female, one warrior, one dude, and a foreigner who isn’t cowering in fear. It’s unlikely they are a raiding party and if they were, I think even this peaceful village would be able to handle them (at least in their own minds, no knows about Coal’s condition or that they have a literal god on their hands). Despite all that, not many reading parties would step up to a noble and negotiate with them instead of, you know, holding them hostage. Even if Aug assumed they were Raiders who lost other members, I think she would act tough and strong any ways. Acting afraid would invite them to take advantage of her. Plus, Ingolf WAS concerned about Coal being a berserker. He wanted to send them onto another chief.

      I do wonder why they didn’t ask them if they lost people along the way though, but I think Aid is handling the situation correctly so far.

      • True, but that doesn’t stop them from simply being thieves. Especially since from Aud’s POV, you have an adult man that claims a young woman in rags is his daughter, while a richly dressed boy is his nephew, neither of which resemble him in the slightest. Loki hasn’t even claimed to have adopted her or Coal, to explain any of that.

        So they may well all be lying, have survived the storm that killed the actual crew, and tried to steer the boat, only to fail. Add that Hedda IS a female on board, and Aud normally would be confused as to why she’d be going along, instead of keeping the home funds and thralls in check like a daughter normally would.

        I don’t think Aud has any reason to fear them, but she has every reason to think they are escapees from another jarl or banished wolves.

    • Viking boats were typically built so that a massive crew wasn’t specifically needed, but so that they could accommodate more people when needed.
      Then again, Rollo really is a big kind of ship.
      + Loki the group dad is something adorable.

    • Haahahahahaaaa.

  2. Speaking of best dad, I wonder if Loki ever visits his fuzzy hogtied kid (The wolf).

    • I’ll admit that I’d love to know about Hel, Einmyria and Eisa too… especially Hel, as she’s my favorite of his kids.
      Sadly, I doubt he visits Sleipnir much…

      • You tend to forget that in myths like these, the gods often failed to keep it in their pants. Zeus for example had a hell of a lot of children. Back then it was common to have a lot of children because they lacked birth control and so many of them died young (though I assume gods didn’t often “die” no matter how old they were). The Vikings, I think, were also less critical of adultery.

        • …Not exactly sure how that has anything to do with me hoping to one day see Hel in this comic, but yes, Loki and Odin both were famed for seducing people (and animals in the former’s case).

          As for adultery, though I don’t think it applies in TMK, Loki seems to have had his monstrous brood with Angrboda long before marrying Sigyn. If anything, he’d have cheated on Angrboda in that case, if they ever truly wed.

    • Maybe!

  3. How are you going to get out of new cloths now Hedda?

  4. Art upgrade detected.

  5. YES! I am dying for Aud and Hedda to get together. The boys are great, but Hedda needs a strong woman mentor.

    • Hm! She does, and I’m sure Aud wants a cute daughter to put in cute dresses.

      • Aw, I can imagine this. Hedda also needs some love and spoiling. <3

  6. I love how implicitly, Aud is trying to figure out if Hedda is being treated badly by her father. Some people used to leave their children with the slaves to “toughen up” or work for free before their older teen years and from what Hedda just said, it could have been such a situation. Aud is practically asking Loki “are you a responsible father or an abusive one?” ^^ I like her even more for that.

    • Uh wow that’s an angle I didn’t even think about, hahaha.

    • I didn’t know about this, but it makes sense. Besides getting free labor and toughening up the kids, it also gives the kids an insight into how “the other half live” and what their needs might be. I don’t know if that was actually a motivation, but it seems like a good idea.(Reminds me of a similar thing mentioned in *Master and Commander*, when a young Jack Aubrey is temporarily demoted and sent before the mast as a punishment — but the experience turns out to be a good education in the long run: it helps him avoid mutiny on more than on occasion!)

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