Chapter 13 | Page 10

Aw, Coal, making friends all over the globe.

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  1. Ooooh ah. Coal, has no problems taking his gear off but will defend Heddas keeping hers on. As ratty as it is.

    Though he could have phrased it differently. Teen boys. you never know what they are going to say next.

    Love the story and art.

  2. Coal… Please let Loki do the talking. For the love of the gods, please let Loki handle the talking.

    • Yes Coal. Let the God of Silver Tongues do the talking!

  3. Oh and good save there Ibrahim, good save!

  4. Poor Hedda! And boo Coal! All of us want to see her in a nice new dress, so don’t spoil it. Love the expressions.

  5. And there comes Ibrahim with a magnificent save!

    Also, Coal, sometimes being honest and to the point can sometimes be a terrible idea.
    Good thing Ibrahim is around to save the day with quickly changing topics.

  6. Poor Hedda. Outside she’s being all humble and slavish, but you know deep in her heart she’s squeeing over the thought of getting a new dress!

  7. Smoooth moooves.

  8. #GetHeddaNewClothes1k16

  9. Coal failed his diplomacy check.

    • Yet again

      • p sure Coal’s rolling a die with 1s on every face for diplomacy.

  10. I swear Coal was talking to all of us, who have been eagerly ready to pounce on any sign of Hedda getting new clothes since she got freed.

    I also feel like Loki just fell off the log at his wording.

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