Chapter 13 | Page 14

The first genuine happy smile on Coal’s face in the comic?

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  1. Dammit Arne, stop being so adorable

  2. Is that what passes for a “happy smile” on coal’s face?

    • Well, he isn’t frowning so that is positive. Sooo yes. Afterall he just wants this quest over so he can go to Valhella.

    • Yes. Yes, it is.

      What, do you want Coal’s face to break? You monster!

  3. Arne is basically me if I ever met Loki

  4. Wow, I think that really is the first time Coal has looked relaxed, and happy in a way that wasn’t smug.

    Arne is better than drugs.

    • It’s probably nice to have someone you don’t have to hide in front of! Plus comeon! He’s flipping adorable!

      • Too true. Arne is simply very special.

        What I find touching is that Arne, an orphan, has everything that Coal lost: mother, foster mother, home, and (some level of) social standing and wealth. And although Arne is easy to like, and poor Coal is not, they do shares some similar qualities: self-assurance, and the arrogance that can go with it. I speculate that Coal likes Arne in part because they have some similar experiences and characteristics.

        • Perhaps Coal is thinking “I was like that 3 years ago” nostalgic smile there…

  5. A flat line counts a smile I guess

    • There’s just the teeniest, tiniest little curve at the end. The classic ‘I’m cold but I love this’ smile.

    • Well, comparatively speaking.

  6. Do I smell the “fatherly Loki” coming on?

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