Chapter 13 | Page 15

Coal’s good mood evaporated faster than his tolerance for Basically Everything (extremely fast).

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  1. Five internet bucks says Coal doesn’t know how to skate.

    • Five says he does but won’t admit to it just because.

  2. Coal: only one who keeps on KEEPIN’ it real.

    Awesome, kid… ya found water!

    Probably not Coal’s idea of fun? Haha!

    • I think fun isn’t Coal’s idea of fun. Poor Coal.

  3. Coal, what will it take to get you to take out that stick you’ve got shoved up your ass?

    • A pulse? Or Valkyries finally taking him to Valhalla, I’d expect.

  4. Honestly, I’m with Coal here. >:[

  5. Y’know, Coal, if you have no patience for shenanigans, you shouldn’t be traveling with Loki.

    • Trothier words were never typed.

  6. SKATING!!! Arne, you are brilliant.

  7. Y’all missing Coal’s face in the last panel.

    • Coal has such a “Oh hell NO” face on. I bet he does know how to skate, just doesn’t like it.

      Cause warriors don’t have fun like this. You know like children. But give him a brawl and he will be laughing like a bezerker.

    • I want an icon of that face.

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