Chapter 13 | Page 16

I think Loki wants to switch travel companions.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. This whole trip is just the cutest thing ever. Loki gets to show off… we actually saw Coal smile… fun for everyone!

  2. Loki, you goofy showoff.

  3. Arne’s going all ’80s anime on us…

  4. Tag yourself. I’m Arne.

    • I’m Coal.
      Skating, bleah! Hate it!
      Ice, bleah! Heat it!

  5. I think I recognize Coal’s face from the last comic now: “Loki, You’re the trickster king. How is it that you have no idea what the words ‘low profile’ mean?”

  6. Wonderful! Hopefully no fishes died though. heh

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