Chapter 13 | Page 19

This can only go poorly.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. Alright Coal! let’s see you face-plant out on the ice!

    • But he might break a tooth!

      Oh wait… that might actually be an improvement.

  2. At this point, I can only imagine Coal as Charlie Brown and Loki as Snoopy. XD

  3. Ten imaginary kroner say he’s a natural and does a jump like Bitty from Check, Please!

    • I’ll take that bet and raise you an additional 5 imaginary kroner assuming he’ll end up on his butt from something Arne does

      • I second that bet!

  4. And that’s how hockey was invented. The end.

  5. Second panel alternate speech bubble: “Would you like to destroy a snowman?”

  6. Yet he looked so young and sweet in the first pages.

    SO TMK is almost 7 years old! I feel bad though because I mostly read it in binges. Anyway, it’s a great comic!

    Also random question: is Ibrahim’s hair meant to look kind of like Freyr’s?

    • It IS almost seven years old, good god.

      And it’s not on purpose, but Ibrahim does have Freyr’s piece so maybe it was subconscious, hahaha!

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