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  1. Besides his eyes looking creepy, that’s the happiest Coal’s ever looked. No wonder Loki looks so concerned

  2. Einherji mead weakening???

    Loki.exe seems to have stopped functioning. Please reboot once Coal file is defragged.

  3. Happiness?! That emotion is still around for you

  4. Aw jeeze. There’s something in my eye.

    These Coal/Arne shenanigans are getting me all in the feels. I have a 4yo boy and just found out yesterday that he will be getting a little brother in March. So I keep looking at these guys and bawling.

    Good writing?
    Pregnancy horomones?
    Probably a bit of both!

    • Many congratulations to you!

  5. Well THAT’s not normal. I mean… it IS but… it’s not? For… for him? Umm… right. Definitely not concerned. >_>

  6. Loki is astounded that Coal’s eyes are looking more human.

    Arne appears to have that effect on supernatural beings more than his own villagers & family.

  7. This is probably one of the few times we’ve seen Loki shocked thus far.

    • This and that time the berserker rage overpowered his eyeballs. Coal has some damn strong emotions!

  8. The happiness.. is TAKING HOLD OF HIM! Baby brother feelings are too strong with this one. I’m excited to see where this goes haha oh man!

  9. Be careful. I smell characterization.

  10. 1, Aww!

    2. I should probably be concerned about the normal eye color returning…

  11. wha? his eyes changed? O.o

  12. Trust Coal to always find a way to throw things

  13. Einherji gray has retreated to the outer edge, revealing the natural green. But what’s that ring of pale blue around his pupil?

    • ohhh is that what’s going on? I just thought that the multiple colors were a way to show the kind of natural-eyes Coal has. Had. Would have.

      OK now the pale blue worries me specifically instead of the whole eye thing in general. Progress! \o/

    • *cough*he’s actually always had that, but the earlier pages are smaller and it’s harder to see: It was a way to make his green eyes pop, since green can look dull in CMYK *cough*

      That was a long cough!

  14. Have just done an archive dig, and Coal has touched Arne before, once, when he grabbed him by the shirt to make him swear not to divulge Loki’s secret. it looked like Arne grabbed his arm then. So much for that theory on what’s happening to Coal.

    • However, was either of those times full skin on skin contact? Here, Coal and Arne’s hands seem to be in physical contact.

  15. This and the previous comics referring to the death of Coal’s brother made me go back to the really amazing chapter page. And think.

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