Loki and Angrboda | Page 17

Sneaky sneaky.

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  1. Ah, I see Odin still has both eyes! Are you planning on some explanation/story arc as to him giving up one of them? The most I know is that he gave it up for greater wisdom, or insight.

    • He gave it Mimir’s well for that wisdom. He won’t do that for awhile, it seems.

  2. Careful Loki… Thor may be easy to manipulate, but his father is not. He also has less mercy in him than winter.

  3. Thor is so adorably panicked/worried in that last panel there. “Wait! You didn’t tell me I’d be killing your friend’s dad when you showed me how to storm in there! Please don’t be angry!”

    (It’s the wide eyes and the defensive hand gesture that sell it)

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