Loki and Angrboda | Page 23

Angrboda have I got (bad) news for you.

That’s the last page of this little hiatus comic! I hope those of you who haven’t read it before enjoyed it. I’ll likely delete it from the archives in a little while, but maybe I’ll post it somewhere else.

What’s gonna happen next week?? I don’t know! I’ve been massively depressed and finding the energy to create anything has been nearly impossible. I didn’t get near as much work done over this break as I hoped. I think I’m going to focus on getting stuff for the Volume 2 Kickstarter ready, which includes creating a new bonus comic featuring Loki and Sigyn. I’ll post updates here and on Tumblr, and Patreon patrons will get to see the bonus comic first!

Thank you all for reading, and for your patience. <333

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  1. I’ve loved this short story! Does Odin call Loki out on his deception? I can definitely understand the lack of energy; that’s been me lately. Rest up and take care of yourself.

  2. Noo don’t delete it from the archives?! Well I mean it’s your comic.

  3. please take care of yourself! We’ll still be here :)

    (And for what it’s worth, I enjoyed the heck out of reading this again even though I’d seen it before. )

  4. Odin sees what you did there.

    Sorry to hear you’re grappling with the black dog… I have a lot of experience with that. Hang in there and remember that your comic brings a lot of joy to many people, whenever it arrives!

  5. Some people get “Seasonal Affective Disorder” in winter months with shorter days. Some vitamin D along with potentially light box UV therapy may help some with depression if that issue also effects you. If it’s personal life based depression, then potentially therapy. If it’s bi-polar disorder, then most likely drugs and therapy.

  6. I hope you feel better soon. I’ve been struggling this winter as well.

  7. I’m sorry that you’re going through this. Please take care of yourself.

  8. Thank you for making this, I really enjoyed it.

  9. You deserve a break from this, especially if it’s draining what little energy you have left. We can wait for ever if it helps. :)

  10. Happy Thursday, feel better soon!

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