Italicized links are old, on hiatus, or complete, but still worth a look. Be aware these comics have various ratings and not all are work or kid safe. Venture at your own risk!

The Abominable Charles Christopher | A Redtail’s Dream | Battle of Dovecote Crest
Bird Boy | Bobwhite | Boxer Hockey | Cleopatra in Space! | Cucumber Quest
The Dreamer | Earthbound | Everblue | Family Man | Fey Winds | The Forgotten Order
Gastrophobia | Godsend | Guilded Age | Gunnerkrigg Court | Hark! A Vagrant | Hominids
Johnny Wander | Kiwi Blitz | Lackadaisy | The Meek | M. F. K. | Monster Pulse
Mystery Babylon | Nimona | Octopus Pie | Order of Tales | The Paul Reveres
Power Nap | Rice Boy | Roza | Sidequest Story | Strays | Toilet Genie | Unsounded
Vattu | The Wellington Division

Viking Links

Keep in mind that, like many history sites, the layouts aren’t always great. But these are sites I went to and found a lot of information on the historical aspect of vikings.

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