AwesomeCon was…awesome (sorry! you have no idea how many times they made the pun themselves). I was really amazed with how professional it was, especially for a convention only it its second year. Apparently its size increased a great deal too, and on Saturday, the longest and busiest day, a volunteer told us that they expected 15 to 20 thousand people! That may not be a lot to most of you guys who go to conventions, but it was still way more than I thought it would be for a convention in DC. We’re not exactly known for our pop culture like New York or San Diego. It was heartening to see so many people there, including a lot of young families and kids! They even had a kid-friendly area set aside; I’m not sure I’ve seen so many young kids at a comic convention before. There were a number of adorable little cosplayers.

As for TMK, I sold a number of bonus comics to people who had never heard of the webcomic before! A special thanks goes out to the mother whose young son stood there and read the whole thing (and coughed in it) and decided he didn’t want it, but she bought it anyway. ;) I also met a few people who do read TMK even now, which was amazing! Shoutout to those people who visited more than once, like Aubrey who came by all three days to visit and chat (and show us her snazzy cosplays)! I’m afraid I didn’t get or can’t remember the names of other readers who greeted me, but please believe me when I say your stopping by was really appreciated and I loved meeting all of you! <333

I wanted to plug my friend Hannah again, who stayed with me during the whole thing and was a big help and comfort while I got my first convention under my belt. Check out her RAWR! Dinosaur Friends comics, especially if you like dinosaurs and science!

We also had a cool neighbor named David Landis who makes really awesome paper craft creatures called Desktop Gremlins! I got his book for my sister, who was sick this weekend and couldn’t join us, but I’m thinking I’ll have to steal at least the dragon page and make that myself. You can basically download free templates to make small paper sculptures using nothing except scissors, and they’re beautiful and cute and fun! Definitely take a look at his stuff. We might even combine forces and do a TMK paper craft! I think one of Jormy would be cute.

Anyway, AwesomeCon was fun, if exhausting, and it was really neat to talk to people and see the occasional face light up when I mentioned my comics were about vikings and Norse mythology. To any new readers taking a peek, welcome, and I hope you enjoy the comics!

New pages should resume next week. I’m really inspired after that convention, though still recovering! At the same time, I got a better handle on how I want the next chapter to go too, so that will be fun. >:3

See you next week! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Fun AND successful sales…what more could one ask! Glad to hear that your first con went so well for you.

    • Yeah me too! Makes me excited for SPX in September! :D

  2. YES Aubrey is just the coolest cosplayer ever, she was such a sweetheart!

    I had such a good time too!

  3. Thank you Sarah and Hannah! I had such a great time and I’m glad you did too! I was so happy to get to meet and see you there! I totally sent Sarah over a copy of our selfie :)

    I’m loving RARW! too :) and Sarah, I love the bonus comic! The colors are especially wonderful!

    I’m sure I’ll come bother you at SPX, just probably not in costume.

    • You are 100% welcome to just hang with us during the entirety of SPX if you want Aubrey. I may just bring a chair with your name on it, hehe.

    • Ahh, thank you again Aubrey! It was so great to see you. I hope I can recognize you at SPX, I’ve only seen you in costume! Haha.

  4. Yay for awesome conventions! I love to hear that it’s also kid-friendly; I don’t know how many conventions do that, and it warms my maternal, geeky heart.

    • Me too! I liked seeing all the kids, they were cute, and I guess because there were so many families the atmosphere seemed very safe and friendly.

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