I opened up a Society6 shop! If you’ve ever wanted prints from me, this is where to do it. You can also get iPhone/iPod cases, laptop cases, and eventually maybe more things if I think of stuff to do.

If you have suggestions for what you’d like to see, please tell me! Just leave a comment here, or send an email, or whatever. :D

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  1. LOL, you do realize houses are perpetual money pits? Good Luck though, hope you have a lovely house. Isn’t the first move a royal pain in the tuckus? This is why girls had hope chests and dowries in the old days, even though mostly they didn’t move out on their own. I think I spent most of high school and college planning my first place and buying stuff like dishes, but I was a weird child! (One of six kids and really desperately wanted my own place.) You’ll have to post a pic or drawing of the new place when you do get moved.

    • Houses are investments, not money pits. I got a lot of essentials (kitchen stuff) at a bargain superstore-type thing so it wasn’t super expensive, and I’ve bought some of the pricier things (TV, bed) over time before I moved. So I’m good! I’ve put some photos on my Twitter. XD

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