Loki and Angrboda Cover

SO what’s going on here?

I’ll tell you. TMK is taking a little break, but there will still be comic updates! I’m going to post the bonus comic from the Volume One graphic novel. It’s about young Loki and how he met Thor and Odin (according to TMK’s canon). It will update twice a week until mid-February!

Why the break? Well, when I tabled at SPX this year I got a lot of questions about when Volume Two would be coming out. Unfortunately to work on Volume Two I have to take a break from updating so I can work on the new bonus comic for that book. Patrons will get first look at that bonus comic as I start to make it, though I’m still figuring out how to set that up.

Check back on Tuesday for the next page! It’s likely a chunk of readers have already read this comic, but now you can leave comments! Oooooh.

Someone mentioned I haven’t updated the regular part of the blog for TMK in a while and boy are they right! To be honest not much has happened to me that would affect TMK but I do have some plugs!

My Patreon is still going! You can pledge as little as a dollar per page to get rewards, and even see the pages as soon as they’re done! (Patrons can already see next week’s page, for example). Even though I’m not doing TMK full-time, every little bit helps!

TMK has a store! If you want to buy a physical copy of Volume One, and some other goodies, please check it out!

In non-TMK stuff, I recently caught up on a manga called Vinland Saga. It’s about…well, vikings. If you like TMK at all, you will love Vinland Saga. Trust me. Its success in the states depends on the sales of the upcoming volumes being released (I’ve already pre-ordered one of them), so if you think you’d like it (and if you enjoy TMK you will), please consider getting it through legitimate means (including your local library!). Kodansha gives it a very nice hardback treatment with two volumes in one, so it’s worth it. BUT a word of warning: it’s…violent. It’s rated Older Teen for a reason so just be aware of that. But it’s so good, ugh, I want more.

UH WELL that’s it I guess! Oh yeah I’m also looking to do more conventions! I applied to WonderCon and have my eye on a couple others but I’m open to more. If you guys know of any conventions that are especially welcoming to webcomics/indie stuff, please let me know! Super big cons like SDCC (and NYCC) don’t seem to be great for webcomics, but I know there are more out there! Bonuses for east coast cons, hahaha.

Thanks for reading!!