Chapter 1 | Page 15

When I do these pages, I create little thumbnails that are like 2 inches tall and maybe 1.5 inches wide. It’s not until I see them on the screen that I realize I could probably fit more in than I did.

Also, Coal is going “WTF?”

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  1. Wow.. I really wish you had studied some norse mythology before making this webcomic. Children don’t go to Valhalla, they go to Hel. Only warriors that died in the battlefield were allowed.

    • I don’t know if you stopped reading after this point, but Coal does go on to say he died in battle. And at 15, he’s not really considered a child anymore, at least by medieval standards. If he looks younger than that, then that’s just a result of the style and character design (also this art is almost three years old).

      If you left after this, that’s a shame, but thanks for reading. :D

  2. OK I’ll correct myself — WHAT is Mjolnir? :P I’m guessing it’s a hammer, since people seem to be talking about hammers in the comments.