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Arctic fox! WHO COULD IT BE?

Happy March everyone! Here’s hoping that “out like a lamb” bit comes sooner than later. I desperately can’t wait for spring.

Also new TWC incentive! It’s a special sneak peak of the next big character to show up, the (perhaps) most well-known figure in Norse Mythology, the incorrigible Loki! Yay! And don’t forget that since March has started all the voting numbers have been reset, so vote every day and I’ll love you forever! Thank you so much.

AND I signed TMK up at The Webcomic List! Check it out or fave it or whatever they do there. I’m not entirely sure but there it is! Thanks! =D

One more thing! Every Tuesday I’m now posting Awesome Comics! Mostly they’re the ones already in my links, but with a special spotlight. I really like them, so I will single one out every Tuesday so you can all read that until the next TMK page on Thursday. Awesome!

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  1. You should totally add your comic to so I can save it to my faves. =]

    • Thanks for the compliment Gonz! I’ve never heard of, but I might check it out. However I’m already using Twitter, TWC, The Webcomic List, and Drunk Duck for TMK so adding something else might make it more difficult to keep up with. If you’re a registered user on any of those sites though, I would love it if you faved the comic! ;3 Thanks again!

  2. That fox is ADORABLE. I want to smoosh it lika marshmallow!

    Oh, yeah, Coal and his epic quest…interesting, to say the least. XD

    • Haha, thanks! XD Maybe that fox will reappear again someday.

  3. One interesting sidenote- one of Loki’s nicknames was “Uncle Fox”

    Just throwing that out there. If this turns out to be him, it’d be the cutest Loki I’ve ever seen.

    • Hahaha, neat! I wasn’t aware of that particular nickname but I wouldn’t be surprised. He has a lot of them. XD

  4. Hmm, this site is not remmebering my info, now pulling in my gravitar.

    One of the first europeans to see arctic foxes noted that they seem playfull but will try to eat your toes while you sleep, definitely a good form for a trickster.

    • I actually have disabled gravatars on this site, so that’s why yours isn’t showing up. XD And oh man playful nibbling foxes! So cute.

  5. oops should have been NOR pulling my gravatar.

  6. you’re on drunk duck? cool! i already read a few there, you will definitely be another!

  7. :( i can’t find your comic at dd. ( sad face) i guess i’ll have to keep reading it here.

    • Haha, yeah I’m sorry. I was up there for a while but the layout is horrendous and not easily edited, plus it wasn’t really doing anything for me but adding another place to worry about updating, so I dropped it. It’s better to read it here anyway, you get more information. :D

      • less stress is best. i’m happy to peek into your imagination here. ;)