Chapter 2 | Page 12

That fox blends almost too well into the background, oops. Oh well, it’s not like he’s the one to worry about anyway….

And I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see Coal’s Claws of Frustration.

New TWC incentive! An old character from early story concepts that was eventually scrapped. He was kinda neat, but didn’t really fit with the world or the story as it changed later. Originally TMK’s story was ridiculously complicated and involved like nine or ten other side characters besides Coal and Loki. After pondering and asking friends for advice, I streamlined the story. Thank goodness too, I can barely manage the five main protagonists I have, let alone ten. I always go overboard the first time I write something up. D:

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  1. Hey! I came here from Cealdian, I really like this so far, I’m excited for moree :D

    • Hey Alisa! Thanks for checking out the comic! There will definitely be more. ;D

  2. Is it me, or does that owl look terribly smug? Yeah, probably just me.

    Really awesome comic so far, I can’t wait to see how it goes.

    • Of course, owls shouldn’t be smiling in the first place. Very suspicious.

      Thank you Cassandra! I hope you continue to enjoy the story. ;3

  3. I just picked this up today (linked from Cealdian). Your landscapes are really lovely! I’ll be keeping an eye on TMK for sure :D

    • Thank you Nina! :3 I’ve had fun with the landscapes, more than I usually do drawing them. Some in the future should be interesting, especially as we get into actual towns instead of random forests and fields. XD

  4. I just have to start this comment out by saying that I am really likin how this is Norse Mythology. My father actually showed me this comic, seeing as I recently got into it and now we are both officially obsessed. I great thing to add to the list of awesome things that happen on Thor’s day. I am freaked out by that owl. He is incredibly creepy, by the way :D

    • Oh wow, you’re both reading it? That’s awesome! I hope you’ll both continue to enjoy it. And I’m impressed you got that “Thor’s day” thing. It should be sorta obvious but you never know. XD

      And I’m glad you think the owl is creepy. He’s supposed to be. ;3

  5. Yesss. Smug owl is one of my favorites. Thank you for the plug! You’re a sweetheart.

    PS I VOTED. Everyone else should vote too!

    • Of course you’re welcome, my dear! ;3 Thank you so much for voting!

  6. OWL.

  7. Shouldn’t your “Velkommen” be “Hilsen”? My nynorsk is rusty but I think velkommen might be German.

    • Hey Damar! You might be right, I don’t know a lick of Norwegian and have relied on always dubious internet translations. I think “hilsen,” or a word similar to it, was one of the options when I looked for “welcome” translated, but then “velkommen” was usually listed as well. I looked for German too, just for curiosity’s sake, and their welcome is usually something like “Willkommen.” Very similar, that’s for sure, and probably pronounced the same. I’m not a linguist, so I can’t say much about the root source of languages, etc.

      The primary reason I picked velkommen was because its meaning was obvious. Welcome! If any Norwegians/Scandinavians out there are reading this and shaking their heads at my own stupidity, I would love more information or an explained correction. Languages are pretty awesome to learn about. ;3 Thank you!

      • I speak Norwegian and I can say with certainty that velkommen is Norwegian for welcome. Though it’s very similar to the german willkommen.

  8. I came here from Cealdian, too. Within the first few pages, I knew I was going to like this comic. Great job so far and I can’t wait to see more!

    • Thank you Star! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! :3

  9. Evil Hedwig! Harry Potter had better watch his back!

    • Haha! Good thing Harry’s not even born yet. ;D

  10. Came here from Cealdian, read the archives and fell in love with the art and how whimsical it feels – light, fresh, airy, and the style reminds me a bit of Samurai Jack (a favourite of mine). Now in my must-read bookmarks and being recommended to my friends!

    Also that owl? Is the best owl.

    • Oh wow, thank you so much Sehkmet! I loved Samurai Jack, and I’m sure some of that stylized, simply design scheme worked its way into my own. I’ve seen a lot of things and probably take bits and pieces from everything. XD

      And that owl says “Thank you.” ;)

  11. Hello! I have ventured from Cealdian as well.

    I really love your comic so far! The art is incredibly interesting. Very unique style you have. Plus, I love mythology of any sort! :3 It’s also kind of fun that I just finished reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman for the five millionth time. :D

    I look forward to reading s’more from you!

    • Thanks Diem-fish! I’m glad you enjoy everything so far! Someday I might have to pick up that book, you’re not the first to mention it after I talk about TMK or Norse mythology. Thanks again!

  12. Also came from Cealdian. I like the style of the comic. Good comic to break up the usual flow of fantasy/gaming comics I read with a little norse-ness. Thanks!

    • Thank you Justin! I’m still surprised there aren’t more Norse-inspired storylines/comics. It’s such a wealth of ideas!

  13. Norse Mythology! I’m loving the comic, & I’ll definitely be reading it and voting each Thor’s Day. (I also came over from a link on Cealdian)

    • Thanks so much Amber! I’m glad you like it! :3

  14. Interestingly enough, I’m probably the ONLY person who didn’t get here from Cealdian, but Fafnir the Dragon. Time traveling political comedy dragon, epic about Celtic kings, it’s all the same, really. *snickers*

    Evil owl is evil…reminds me of the old adage “Never trust a smiling cat.” But a smiling owl makes it about ten times worse, I think.

    • We’re all one in the “inspiration from Norse mythology” sense. XD

  15. i found you on twc, faved and vote too! simply awesome art!

    • Thank you so much! XD

  16. That’s not a suspicious looking owl… (sarcasm)