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Loki and Thor are pretty good friends actually. See the resemblance?

New incentive! So remember how I said last week’s incentive was the first ever drawing of Coal? Well I kind of lied. KIND OF. That was the first TMK version, when I started playing with designs, but not the first ever. This week’s incentive is the first ever. He was more realistic at first (by comparison), and this was before TMK was even around and he had some kind of pet dog he used as a blanket. Vote to see! Thanks guys! :D

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  1. Geez, you really have to walk on eggshells around those Norse gods.

    • Yeah, man. All those beers makes ’em so sensitive.

  2. AngryLoki is ANGRY, lol!! He’s almost worse than Thor!

    • ALMOST. At least he doesn’t have a giant hammer to swing around.

  3. Man, lookit those CRAZY EYES. They’re CRAZY.

  4. What colourful font! I like the slow traverse to red.

    • Thanks! I was hoping it highlighted Loki’s anger. XD

  5. he didn’t stay saved did he? you have to keep an eye on your pawns there, bub. can’t win the game if you don’t watch the board. lol

  6. Thought I’d comment on the anger issue. :D
    Son of Farbauti, former Chief-of-chiefs at Iron Wood, current chief of Lightning clan, the Cruel Striker, and Laufey, an island jotun, who gave birth to him in the hottest oven of Muspellheim to enhance the fire-etin blood. Surt, the single oldest intelligent entity raised him while his real father warred with Angrboda. Angrboda emerged victorius, and sometime later became the wife of Loki. This sets a nice background, especially given that Jotnar are violent by default, but… Odin, blood brother of Loki, had Angrboda burnt to death three times, stole two of their children, and banished the third from Asgard, after which Loki called out the Aesir on their flaws, which led to him being bound by the intensities of one of his sons. If this is really taking place after much of the legends, then Loki is mostly bound, and projects only a small portion of himself – but more importantly, has all the reasons to despise all of Odin’s gang.

    • Oh, wow. I have not heard of any of that before. Where did you read all of that? Aside from his parents names, Loki’s history is never really delved into in the sagas. That’s just fine for me though, since I can make of it what I want. :3 I’m afraid it doesn’t follow any of that, however. XD Thank you for reading!

      • Most of these is in the sagas implicitly or explicitly, some are “only” PCPGs. Loki’s binding and the murdering of Váli is foretold by Skadi in the poetic part of Lokasenna, and the finishing prosaic part goes into details. I’m somewhat lazy to dig up the mundane sources for the rest with citations and all (also, I don’t want too flood your site:) ), but I can do that if you wish.
        It was quite clear from the beginning that your comic is only based on the sagas, not a depiction of what happened between the sagas. I don’t have a problem with it, it’s cute, and the pages showing Loki with his family totally bought me in, so I’ll keep on reading even if you’ll portray Hela as an evil monster (though I do hope this won’t be the case) :)
        (in case you’re interested about major differences: Freyr gave up his sword to get Gerda, also he’s not exactly a leading figure in the ranks of the Aesir but a honored hostage; Sygin is either Vana or Aes maybe with some Alfar in her but not a Jotun; Iormungand never speaks, nor does he/she care a bit about the doings of mortals or gods; most of the Aesir has Jotun parents so they are not exactly mortal enemies; the whole “old age is bad” thing is more of a 18-19th century invention)

        BTW feel free to ban me if my posts become flooding or overly religious – I try to keep it down, but it’s not always easy as a worshipper of the Jötnar.

        • Haha, don’t worry, you’re good. I’m just glad that, despite all my gaffs, you’re still reading and hanging around! I’ve read the sagas, but only once, and they were pretty hard to get through. I mostly read them to get the gist, since the story isn’t really as much about the gods as about the humans. Loki is the only non-human that plays a major role. However, some things are changed semi-drastically from the sagas, though I can’t go into anything without spoiling the story. I would love to go more into Hel’s character, but I just don’t know if they’ll be time to explore it. I wouldn’t consider her an evil monster though. XD Thanks so much for reading! I certainly hope you’ll stick around. :3

        • Hi, I read your post and was intrigued! You’re a worshipper? I’m interested in Norse myth myself and especially the Jotnar (sorry I don’t know how to do the proper characters for nordic words). I’m curious to know which parts of that are from old records such as the eddas, sagas, etc and which are part of current belief. I wasn’t even aware that people still worshipped the Jotnar since most modern practitioner sites I’ve come across focus on the Aesir and whitewash loads of details to make Odin a sort of christian-god-esque perfect figure. (No offense meant to anyone, natural evolution of religion happens and every mythology chucks out certain details when it gets revised. I just don’t like this version.)
          But I’m not really interested in practising the religion, just learning more about it as a mythology buff, so I might be rude for asking questions like this.. I want to maybe test my knowledge and figure where I’m lacking. For example I was under the belief that Angrboda had no canonical backstory or description aside from being namedropped- was she fleshed out in the modern religion or does this come from an ancient source I haven’t seen? I’ve got to say I like it better than what I’ve seen some people theorize- that she was the unnamed wolf/witch that mothered Fenrir’s children based on very loose evidence. (It’s sort of odd and unfitting as I don’t recall much parental incest in the stories compared to for example Greek mythology.)
          Gosh I’m rambling! Sorry :D

  7. Bit dense on Loki’s part not to realize that Coal might not have any (or very little) choice in the matter.