Chapter 3 | Page 9

Coal don’t look so angry. That’s gonna be a sweet ride.

TWC is something cool! Maybe! Since TMK is posted on the web, I have to shrink down the pages a good bit so they aren’t tremendous huge. However when I do that, I also lose a lot of detail that I might put in, or some humorous faces that you can’t even see. Perhaps even a plot hint! Vote to see some close-ups of various panels from throughout the comic so far. Just click on the happy walrus and vote! Thanks so much! <3 P.S. - I changed the site's PHP version from 4 to 5, and so far things seem to be going fine, but if you notice anything weird, please let me know! Not that I'll know what to do about it but maybe I could fix it or go back to 4 or something. Still! Thanks!

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  1. LOL, Coal certainly is uptight for a dead guy.
    “The Happy Walrus” would be an excellent name for a pub.

    • Oh man that would be an awesome name. I’ll have to remember that for any stories I might write that involve a tavern. Thanks! :3

      • Good name for a tavern, TERRIBLE name for a restaurant or weight loss center. ;-)

  2. Hm, I’m tempted to believe that Coal might be buried there, but then I’d have to wonder where he got his first boat from. And I didn’t even think he was buried in the first place. I thought those boats were set on fire and pushed out into the sea. But I guess I’ll see!

    • You WILL see! Very soon actually. ;D

  3. Can’t help but to Love Loki more and more xD

    You’re doing a great job, I’ve been reading for some time now, but for some reason I’m always a bit scared to comment on comics I read, Working on that as you can see =X

    Keep up with the great job, we can never have too much Loki in our lives, there’s always room for more 8D

    • Thank you so much! I can understand that fear of commenting, but I also love getting comments and try to reply to every one. XD Also I agree, more Loki is always a good thing. ;D


    MORE (yes I have decided to bother you in more than one place >:D)

    • HAHA I still love getting comments. ;3

  5. I just found this comic and started reading it…totally awesome. I love norse mythology :D Your style is really cool too.

    …and Loki is awesome <3

    • Thank you so much! I agree, Loki is pretty fun. ;3