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TWC this week is thumbnail sketches of pseudo-poster ideas. I doubt there’d be enough interest to actually make any, but they could be good promotional art too, just around the web and such. Thanks everyone! <33 This Saturday I'm going to Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland! Well, I won't have a table or anything, but I'll be wandering around gawking at all the awesome people I know from the web and might possibly learn of some new awesome people. If I'm not terribly shy! D: At the very least I'll get some neat swag I am sure. :3

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  1. You should totally do one of those posters if you ever get the time! Especially the one with Loki and Coal, the dynamic poses and stuff make it 100% awesome!!! :D

    • Yeah I bet if I did any poster it’d have to have Loki in it. XD Thanks!

  2. OOooooh… I like the first poster idea (that I’m not revealing here).=^-^=

    Or just anything Loki.

    • Thanks! Loki is probably the most popular character. XD

  3. A comic that speaks to me, go on, go on!

    • Thank you! I certainly will!


  5. I would definitely buy a poster! I love your art style.

    • Oh thank you! I guess if there’s enough interest I’ll think about it. Aside from drawing the posters, I’ll also have to figure out just how to print them! That’s an endeavor all on its own. XD

  6. Nice one :D
    And heavens, Loki keeps getting faster with seriously pissing people off…if he keeps up that ratio he’ll get punched in the nose just for entering a room in a good 100 years ….

    • Yeeeeeah, no kidding. XD Hopefully this is the last mean thing he does to Coal for a while….

  7. Poor little Coal. The kid can’t catch a break :)
    Nice page!

    • Yeah things will get worse before they get better for him. Thank you!

  8. This’ll end well. BTW, lovin’ the art for this comic. Its “simple” yet evokes so much.

  9. Hmnn a question why is he named coal really? Coal would be more of a thrall name together with names like Sot, Sigge, Odd and such. As he is clearly not of a thrall family with his mother even getting a ship burial.

    • I’ve tried my best to be historically accurate throughout the comic to some degree, and the names of characters is one degree that I’m really not even remotely close to. But you are right! “Coal” is in fact not a Scandinavian name at all, and actually it’s his nickname instead of his real name. His real name isn’t any better, to be honest, but Coal as a character has evolved a couple different ways over the past couple of years. Originally he was a pure fantasy character, so his name didn’t matter so much. Once I decided to make TMK more grounded in reality, I thought of changing his name, but by that point it was stuck fast and I couldn’t see him any other way.

      The history behind his name is even longer than his character, and I’ll definitely elaborate on that someday, perhaps when his real name is revealed. ;D Thank you!

  10. Oh Loki,
    how flawed your logic is.

    • Haha! Yeah he kinda rushes into things. XD

      • I suppose that’s fitting of him! XD
        Seeing that he’s as random as they come

  11. posters, huh? how about a nouveau valkyrie? i’d buy one. annoying as he is, loki has a point. ain’t nothin my mom wouldn’t do for me, and i’m old.