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You guys who mentioned “berserk” last week were absolutely right! You’re so smart.

“Berserkers” were warriors who worked themselves into a ridiculous frenzy before/during a battle and became extremely formidable foes. They supposedly went out dressed only in animal skins, and “berserk” comes from the words meaning “bear shirt.” These scary warriors were such fierce fighters that they seemed invulnerable to any attack. How they worked themselves into such a state is unknown, but some people think it involves curious mushrooms. From these guys we get our modern word “berserk” which means wild, crazy, and frenzied. Awesome huh?

This also means Coal can kick some serious butt. Actually, even in life Coal was a skilled fighter. Hence going to Valhalla. We’ll also be seeing those red eyes again. :D

Speaking of, for TWC this week I have a special Guide to Eyes! I’ve mentioned before all the weird eyes throughout the story have, if not meaning, then purpose. Maybe. Of course Coal’s eyes remain the most important to pay attention to. Thanks guys! <3

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  1. Ooh, cool. Thanks for the info. I always love etymology.
    I’ll be looking forward to the crazy eyes! I thought they were awesome. Though, I really miss Coal’s blue eyes. T.T

    It seems to take a while for your vote incentive to update. The thumbnail updates right away, but it takes a few hours or even days for TWC to have the new incentive.

    • Coal’s eyes are green, actually! It’ll be a while before we see them again. D:

      And TWC…well I dunno. It always shows up correctly for me. Maybe you have to clear your cache or refresh? I do know TWC must be stationed somewhere in the middle of the US because it doesn’t move to the next day till 2 AM Eastern. The thumbnail I update myself, but the TWC stuff is beyond my control.

      • Haa, are they? It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten their color. ^.^;; I do miss them, however. But good to know we’ll see the prettiness again! :D

        The vote incentive is correct now and I rather enjoyed it. I am a fan of eyes.

  2. If he hadnt been a skilled warrior or not died in battle, I wonder how this story would have unfolded, as then he would show up in Niflheim:P

    • Haha! That is a curious thing to think about.

  3. More in reference to the vote incentive than to the comic but I share your frustration about the helmets. For my senior project I’m actually doing a full reproduction of Viking-era Scandinavian clothing (which may or may not include an axe) and all my friends keep asking what type of horn I’m going to use for the helmet.

    • HAHA! Yeah I can understand the allure of horns on a helmet because it does look kinda cool sometimes, but functionally it couldn’t be more stupid. This can be your chance to educate your friends! And if they ask that question again, tell them “French.” It’d make me laugh.

  4. I love your drawing style D:

    • Thank you! But don’t be sad! D: Be happy. :D

  5. By Odin’s Beard, I only discovered your comic today but you’re totally getting fanart from me.


    I tend to be incredibly slow on that.


    • Haha! Well whenever you make some, I’d love to see it! Thank you! :D

  6. This is a beautiful comic. Seriously. The style is absolutely delicious. :3 It reminds me very much of the movie “The Secret of Kells.” (That’s a very good thing ;) ) Can’t wait to see where it’s going!

    • Thank you! Actually the Secret of Kells has been a huge inspiration to me the past year or so and really opened my eyes to pushing character design, layout, color, and texture too. Just such a huge refreshing change from anime-style and Disney-style (not to put either down, as I still love them both). :D

  7. I just found this comic today, linked from The Meek. I absolutely ADORE your style; you are breathing a new life in Norse mythology comics and it. is. awesome. Thanks for making this available online as well. My Thursdays just got a lot better. :D

    • Wow, thank you so much! Y’know when I first started I mainly went with Norse mythology because the main character was a viking, and after researching and reading all those myths and stories I really fell in love with it. I hope you continue to enjoy the comic as it goes along! :D

  8. I just linked here from The Meek. I read through the entire comic and added it to my favorites. I’m excited to see where it goes.

    • Thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy it! :D

  9. Just found the comic (thx to The Meek), and love it so far.

    Buuuut: Common mistake in your “berserk”: It means “bare shirt” not “bear shirt”, referencing to those warriors fighting unarmored or even naked in the frenzy.

    But in the end, that makes no difference for a good story, amirite ;)

    Greetz, Fin

    • What really? Oh man. D: I know I read about them fighting about naked too. I think “bear shirt” is a bit more romantic or something though. XD But you’re right, doesn’t mean much to the story except that Coal can kick butt. Thank you!

  10. Caught up. I’m another Meek redirect, and a fan of the approach to art that goes ‘sorta minimal, but I can do ornate detail and epic scenes any time I feel like it’.

    As a fellow messer-around with unconventional eyes on my characters, I approve of your work.

    • Thank you so much! I too like the combination of simple and detailed, though sometimes the details (like Loki’s feathers) can drive me bonkers. XD

  11. Hahah, justs tarted reading this and I already love it!
    At the very least Loki showed some restraint,
    I mean seriously, nothing’s worse than traveling with your dead mother.

    Also, you pretty much guessed this on your own, but I was redirected here from Meek, a good thing too!

    • Yeah traveling with a dead body could get…awkward. D: And thank you! XD

  12. Just found this comic from Meek. After reading every page here, I am sold and will now follow this comic to the very end <3

    • Aww thank you! I hope you’re in for the long haul because this story’s gonna take a while. XD

  13. Hmnn about the upcoming character Arne the skraeling. my guess is that Arne is only a name they give him(unless Leif Erikson or something gave him that name) As natives dont tend to be named Arne :P

    • You are correct! It’s not his birth name. Don’t worry, you’ll learn all about him. Someday. XD

  14. Brilliant read so far. Really enjoying the characters and the art style; and the story is really compelling.

    One thing, too, in reference to your blurb of the beserkers. The drug theory has been all but refuted; there’s literally nothing in the area that could induce that violent state upon these warriors chemically. Unless they were using a placebo effect, it was entirely on their own mental power, something I always found really interesting, and somewhat terrifying.

    • Thank you so much! Also, wow, did it without drugs? That is kind of scary to think they can get themselves that worked up through sheer force of will. Dang. o.o