Chapter 4 | Page 13

Look, there’s emotion on Coal’s face. That isn’t annoyed or angry. Holy crap.

For TWC this week you get a close-up of the top panel, since shrinking it loses a lot of detail (mostly in Sigyn’s dress). Thanks so much for voting! And, of course, for reading. <3

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  1. Awesome page! I know I don’t comment enough, but I love this comic so much, I do. :D I do have a question, though–If I remember my mythology (and I dunno, maybe I don’t XD ), didn’t those two have a rather strained marital relations? (I imagine all of Loki’s strange extramarital creature-children, and that whole tied-up-for-eternity thing don’t help much, haha) Anyway, can’t wait to see where the comic is going! :D

    • Thank you! Loki’s relationship with Sigyn is never expanded beyond what happens after Balder dies. She and the one or two kids she has with Loki are just suddenly there. Perhaps there were other myths where she was mentioned more that are lost to us now, but I don’t mind terribly because that gives me license to write her as I like. In TMK, its Loki’s relationship with Angrboda, the mother of the monster babies, that is most certainly strained.

  2. Awww. Loki and Sigyn smooching is going to be making me smile until next week. The boys are just giggle inducing; my nephews (though much younger than Loki’s kids) are at that stage where anything mildly romantic is gross to them.

    And then you get down to Coal in the final panel and you just feel sorry for him. He needs a hug. Perhaps I shall fanart him getting a hug….

    • Coal doesn’t think he needs a hug, but I don’t think he’d mind one. Thanks! XD

    • My brother is nine and I’m fourteen, we’re both still at that stage. XD

  3. Aw, poor Coal needs a HUG.

    My little cousin was in that “EW ROMANCE” phase up until fairly recently, and I remember when any movie with a kiss in it had my brother covering his eyes and going “EWWWWW” as if someone had been violently murdered and then chopped to pieces. /I/ think Loki and Sigyn are cute! So there, silly little boy-children.

    • Haha! Yeah I remember acting that way myself! I’m glad you don’t think it’s gross though. XD

  4. Ok, this may seem random but I really love how each son has one parent’s hair color and the other parent’s hair texture. Details!

    And Sigyn and Loki ARE pretty adorable. Tee hee. <3

    • Hahaha! Yeah I almost gave them the exact same color and style as one of their parents but decided to change it a bit. Thanks!

  5. First of all – you’re right, the shrinking does hide a *lot* of the detail – which looks amazing, by the way – but I’m still somewhat creeped out by Sigyn’s expression. I think it’s just her eyes and her lips and that whole “I’m looking right through you” face. o.o

    Loki and Sigyn are so perfect with each other! <3 I mean, they'd have to be, but still. Haha.

    And poor Coal, he probably misses family life… which is very clear here from the boys' cries. XD

    • Yeah Coal’s probably feeling a ton of different things. And I’m glad Sigyn creeps you out. She’s supposed to be less cuddly-ish than the others. :3 Thank you!

      • Hahaha. It’s fairly entertaining when the creator says “Oh, I’m glad they creep you out, they’re supposed to.” Can’t wait to see what happens next… so exciting! ^^

  6. Wow, my first reaction when I saw the “Next” button: OH MAH GAAAAAAAAAAWDS.
    Go go Sigyn! :D

    • Haha! Oh she goes very well. ;D Thanks!

  7. Oh wow, Coal’s face in the last panel. It’s enough to break your heart :(

    Something about this page, it just makes me really excited to watch the story progress and learn more and more about the characters. Keep up the great work! :)

    • I’m glad you’re excited! I just hope it’s enough to stick around for a long, long time. XD;; Thank you so much!

  8. LOVE!!!
    ..and maybe I know what creeeps you out, Cloud? Sigyn in that big pic looks a bit like a grey alien because of her eyes?
    Poor Coal, I so feel for him.

  9. i wonder who coal is missing, his mother, or someone special? first panel is just awesome!

  10. Had to stifle a giggle at the boys “eww”.

    And poor Coal. Remembering his own parents?

    • Maybe! It’s hard to know what goes on behind those little gray eyes of his.

  11. Oh man, adore Sigyn’s design. She and Loki are too adorable *g* OKAY THAT PRETTY MUCH SUMS UP LOKI’S ENTIRE FAMILY THUS FAR.

    And n’aww, Coal. Boy needs a hug.

    • Haha, thank you! XD Adorable is always good.

  12. Dont recal much about her aside from keeping snake venom from dripping unto Loki. Heh be interesting to see what you do with the character, especially being the wife of a trickster shape shifter.

    • Hehe, I hope to go more into their background in the future. Actually I have a bonus chapter planned that explains how they met and got together. :3

  13. I was rushing to finish my house cleaning just so I can see this, turned the comp on, and thought at first it was the same until AAAHHHH EYES. I have to say I like the larger version much better, sorry. xD

    Second reaction: PLAID! *Scottish ancestry mode*

    I also like that she has such a pretty dress and bonnet: blue from weld leaves? Expensive! And coins with… crosses?… on them? Hmmm, did Loki or Sigyn go raiding the church on Lindisfarne? xD

    Anyway: Poor Coal. Something tells me he’s thinking of his own parents, maybe even any siblings he might have had. I’d hug him, but I like my internal organs where they are. xD

    I really like the look in Loki’s face in the third panel. Very Idyllic and sweet. Which is why I’m just waiting for something bad to happen. *Is a pessimist >.>*

    Wonderful as always! I can’t wait to see what happens. *Even though I have to xD*

    • Hahaha, thanks, I’m glad you like it! Yeah the plaid shouldn’t really be plaid, I’ll probably go back some day and fix it to something better suited for the area. I mostly just went with an easy, basic design. And the coins are supposed to be Islamic coins, but I don’t know how to write Arabic so they just kinda look like squigglies. And don’t worry, something bad will happen someday. :D

  14. Well, can I just say I absolutely love this webcomic! Great art, gorgeous story chock full of Norse mythology refrences, wicked interesting characters, regular update and the expressions. My god the expressions are so wonderfully brilliant if you just posted them and nothing else I’d be happy.
    I’m loving how you’re portraying Loki as a family man, I can see why he wanted Coal to live, is it because he wanted him to have a loving family and home like he has?
    I love Coals expression, is it because he knows he won’t be able to have a family like this?
    Eagerly awaiting the next page!

    • Aww, I’m glad you’re liking the comic so far! I’m afraid I can’t really answer your questions though, because that would spoil things. :3 Thank you!

  15. Just writing to say that I really enjoy your comic and wish you best of luck with it!

    • Aww, thank you so much! I’m glad you like it. :3

  16. Did Coal have someone special?

    • Coal had a lot of special people in his life. Someday you will meet them all!