Chapter 4 | Page 22


TWC this week is a sketch of Coal and Rollo when they were younger! Ain’t they cute together? I actually really like this sketch, I might even take it to finish. I think it’d be a cute print.

Thanks you guys! See you next week! <3

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  1. Oh, no! Get out of there, Coal!

    • Don’t worry! He can handle himself. :D

  2. It’s funny how reactions are different — Hopper thinks Coal should book it, and my first reaction was, “Go be a hero, Coal!”

    • Haha! Well Coal would be a pretty boring protagonist if he ran away from possible plot development.

      • I agree!

      • Rincewind runs away from plot development (but it always ends up catching him anyway)

  3. It has to be said….

    IT’S A TRAP! D:
    I know this from seeing many traps in my lifetime. *is shot*
    Sorry. xD

    Awwwww! Baby Coal! That is so cute! No wonder Rollo likes him so much.

    Squinty-eyed Coal is squinty-eyed. LOVE that third panel xD
    Now he only needs to roll a d 6 against his Neutral Good nature… (xD) Because I seriously had to add yet more geekdom to my comment, yupyup.

    • AHAHA! Coal definitely would be a Neutral Good guy. And thank you! Rollo remembers little Coal. <3

  4. Aw, in the sketch his teeth seem be ok, or am i wrong? By the way, still look’s like moonlight, not snow. :D

    • Well I changed the lighting a bit and added shadows this time, but I’m glad it still looks like moonlight! As for the sketch, Coal is younger here so his teeth aren’t so messed up. He just has baby teeth!

  5. Haagaanaah. Night lighting. <3 I love the atmosphere of this page.

    And he looks so paranoid in the first three panels, its hilarious. XD

    • Hahaha! Well if I suddenly shifted locations I’d be paranoid too. XD

  6. Lovely experimentation with textures! <3

  7. The only problem I’ve found with this whole comic is that I can’t get to the next page.
    I want more dangit!

    • Haha! Well I’m glad that’s the only problem you’ve found so far. Don’t worry, the next page is on its way! :D

  8. Now to wonder though: is this a memory or is it actually happening? I’d think with what you said about the area being so safe for the twins, that there wouldn’t be any monsters nearby, but the forest seemed to shift impossibly fast… and little Coal already went on the MUST SAVE THE CHILDREN warpath a little while ago with Loki’s prank, so all the talk might have triggered something…
    Or this is just my wishful thinking in hoping to learn more about Coal’s past and I just missed the sign in runes that said “Don’t walk this way: random monsters will eat you if you do”. xDDD

    • Hahaha! You will discover what’s going on in the next chapter! Worry not. :3

  9. ahaha! I love this page. so dynamic! I really love those first three panels, especially the whole
    *continue sneaking* action.

    • Haha, thank you! He’s wondering what just happened! We’ll seeeeee. :D