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Hey new people.

Mother’s Day was this past Sunday, and in honor of that, you guys get drawings of a very famous mother. I almost drew Sigyn, but you’ve already seen her, so this week you can vote to see sketches of Angrboda. For those who go “Whoderboda?”, Angrboda is the mother of Fenrir, Jormungandr, and Hel. She’s another jotun like Loki, and a character also never given any development in the myths aside from being named. Therefore you can be sure she’ll show up in the comic. :3

Oh yeah I have a Tumblr now in case you’re on there and stuff. I dunno if I’ve said this here already. Either way, I’ll be putting up random sketches of different things there, including past TMK vote incentives and old sketches. Perhaps spoilers. :O

ALSO I got a new computer this week with 12 delicious gigs of ram, but it also comes with Windows 7, which I’m unfamiliar with. Hopefully moving things over will be painless and it won’t disrupt the comicking process, but this is a heads up just in case.

Thanks guys! See you next week! :D

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  1. Nice, new update, the oldie must be Loki making fun of the living with his “Haaa, Haaa”, just kiddin. Grats on the new PC, i don’t know which windows you had but for me it was oki when i switched from XP to Windows7, so i hope all will be fine for you. :)

    • Haha, thanks! I still haven’t moved to the new one just yet but I definitely hope it will be painless.

  2. Angrboda.- Don’t meet in dark alley. Oh, and do she and Coal have the same hair dresser? :)

    • Whaaaat, Coal’s hair is at least brushed.

  3. It’s not that the female figures of Norse mythology weren’t developed, it was that the Christian missionaries who preserved those old stories neglected to work on any of the tales featuring women. :( So Angrboda probably has her own set of tales but we’ll never see them because some pearl-clutching fuddy-duddy didn’t like boobies. I’ll try to find the reference I am citing for you, because someone else did the primary research that concluded there were missing stories about female figures in Norse mythology.

    There were like a bajillion stories about Freyja, for instance, but now we only know her because she happened to feature in a bunch of stories about dudes. It’s totally sad.

    • You are absolutely right. Same thing probably happened to Sigyn. I bet there’s a missing myth somewhere about how she and Loki got married, because that would definitely involve some explanation! It’s a shame how much information was lost, especially for the female characters in the myths. :( But at the same time, it gives me a little leeway to tell it how I like. ;D

      • I’m pumped to see those stories recreated! I think you can do a great job. :D

  4. you can’t get to valhalla dyin’ in your bed, get him up and give him a sword. amazing as it is to think, i do believe your art is getting better.

    • Thank you so much! And that guy…I don’t think he can hold a sword anymore. D: He’s not long for this world!

  5. You know, this would be a pertect tiem for Hel to show up, beccause it doesn’t look like this guy’s making it to Valhalla anytime soon. (Okay, I just really, really want Hel to show up)

    • Haha! That would be convenient, wouldn’t it? Hel will show up, but it won’t be for a while, I’m afraid. I’m sad too, because I love her design! D: Someday…

  6. I really love this comic!! Coal is pure win X3

    Can’t wait to see more of this~! :D

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like Coal. :3 Even with his grumpiness.

  7. Woah! New people, new setting, new everything! I’m eager to see where we’re going from here. :) (Eager = chomping at the bit, actually. But I’ll be patient.)

    • Hehe, thank you! Also I have NOT forgotten about that blog thing, I’m just having incredible writer’s block. D:

  8. I see improvemennnnt. :D I really like the last three panels, especially the woman’s expression. Good luck with Windows7, and congrats on your new comp :P

    • Thank you! I certainly hope things go smoothly with the computer. XD

  9. Is that Thor I spy :o If so, one can only assume that old man to be Odin xD. What did Loki DO xD

    • Haha, ‘fraid not. Thor and Odin showed up in the first chapter though. They’re not major characters so they won’t show up often.

  10. Oh noes! Snape killed Dumbledore!
    Er, wait, wrong guy. xD

    I really like the age spots you managed on his skin. They look very lifelike. *Used to volunteer at an Old Folk home every week*

    For some reason the people in the second panel look very familiar, but i don’t know if it’s merely from the fact that your art has settled into a good, steady pattern, or if that little hiding girl is Hedda, or that taller dark-haired fellow the stringy fellow I totally forgot his name >.> *Whistles the forgetting song*

    My goodness, angrboda looks SO much like how I once envisioned Eris from Greek myth! The same crazy hair and cunning ebil eyes. I now can’t help but think that the reason she and Loki got together was that they shared either a Trickster or just plain scary as Hel personality.

    Also: awwwww, I was hoping Hel would show up too Emma! I’ve seen the way the author draws her on DA and just fell in love with the design.

    • Haha, thank you! Actually none of these characters have shown up before. Hopefully the situation will clear itself up as the pages go on. :3

  11. Haa, Famous last lines