Chapter 5 | Page 14


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  1. Random: I voted for the new thing, purely because I knew it wouldn’t have updated right now and wanted to see the adorable little Coal again. xD

    I love this page! Oh, goodness, it’s absolutely gorgeous! The moonglow behind the rising prow of the dragonship is splendid, along with the tribal-style fires in the foreground. I am so jealous!

    And, my usual rambles start now xD
    I really like the dizzy lights around her head. LOL, she looks so drunk.
    Also, I think that one horse smells the blood of the dead one and is like: NIFLHEL NO, I AIN’T GOING ON THAT BOAT.
    Hmmm, hey Hedda! If/when you die, get back at the old coot and steal his boat. >D Just, you know, put the fire out first… >.> Or, even better, HAUNT THEM ALL. Make ’em think some seriously angry, little redheaded Druag has taken over their village.
    See? Always a bright side! :D

    But on a serious note: poor Hedda! Not the least that she’s dying for a culture she doesn’t believe in. Maybe she’ll be able to find her way to (a) Heaven?

    • Hahaha, thank you! And you all suspect the worst of me, it seems.

  2. Holy shit, a horse too ?

    • Two horses, yep. :D

      • I mean, a daughter is one thing but horses are expensive.

  3. Saw incentive page, forgive if she is reluctant. Dont they usually set those ships on fire.

    • Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn’t. We wouldn’t have burials like Sutton Hoo or Oseberg if they’d burned the ships.

  4. The poor doggy is too cheerful…

    • Yeah. Doesn’t know its own fate! D:

  5. Well, I suppose if you HAVE to die just because some dead guy wants you to come with him to the afterlife, there are worse companions than horses and a dog to die with. Poor Hedda!

    • Probably! Course, dying with anything is certainly the least desirable thing.

  6. I face a dilemma : in the one hand I like a lot your beautiful drawings and I want to continue reading this story but in the other hand I don’t want to see Hedda being murdered in an awful ritual execution !

    • You guys, so suspicious! I can’t say anything but ask you to keep reading. :3

  7. Holy crap! I thought that potion was supposed to make the ritual easier. It sure wore off quick.

    • Haha, it just sorta dulls her senses more than anything. She’s less likely to struggle now.

  8. Love the shadows.

  9. y’know, you’d think they’d take the horses on the ship, and THEN kill them. Now they have to drag them up the gang plank.

    Caitydid, the horses and dog belong the patriarch, so Hedda wouldn’t get to ride around with the Valkerie or anything. She’ll be stuck tending to the ghost swine, washing out the mead horns and other thrallish stuff. Some afterlife, eh?

    • Haha! Yer right. Though they probably wouldn’t put them on the ship anyway, they’d mess up all the other stuff up there. They’ll probably be buried nearby.

  10. such a pretty veiw of not so pretty proceedings. love the moon halo, kinda makes me want to howl. lol!

    • Haha! Well there are plenty of wolves about.

  11. Ooo… such a fun page! :)

    • Haha, I’m not sure Hedda would agree with you there. XD

  12. Eeep fell behind on my comics everywhere. And I LOVE the lighting on this page! O: Was it tricky to do? Okay, I love everything about this page, even the apparent-impending-doom-for-Hedda-aspect.

    • No it wasn’t too tricky. Yay for layers! :D And thank you!

  13. I havent commented on this comic yet as I havent caught up to recent updates (But I LOVE it!!) I just had to say, this page, esp with the random guy in a cape walking his dog in the middle, it just reminds me way too much of Avebury on the summer solstice. lol nothing like what is going on here in terms of celebration, but if you ever have the pleasure of going, it just looks…exactly the same (except for the dead horses hehe)

    • Really? Cool! I definitely hope they aren’t sacrificing horses and dogs there though! XD Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the rest of it!