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Thus ends Chapter 5! This also would end Volume 1 whenever I get the resources together to print it. If any of you guys have friends who might like TMK but you’ve yet to share it with them, now is a good time! Next chapter will return to Loki and his family. :3

Update to the art section! I’ve stuck up another commission I ordered of Loki and Sigyn done by the talented Hannah Christenson! I love her artwork, her colors remind me of colored glass mosaics or something. Very light and ephemeral but also very vibrant. Check out her work and be amazed!

For TWC this week you get Coal sketches. Because I’m still pretty braindead in the incentives department. Thanks!

Next week there will not be a page, not just because it’s Thanksgiving and I encourage all my American readers to get off the computer and spend time with your family/friends/pets, but because, while I’ve done the next page, I haven’t done the one after it. I’m still striving through NaNo (though stuck in a rut and hopelessly behind), and will probably be using that last November weekend catching up. There’ll still be something up next week, however. A sketch or something fuzzy and warm to mimic those fuzzy warm feelings you get from gorging on fat, delicious food spending time with loved ones.

See you next week! Love you guys. <3

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  1. Oh man oh man oh man PLEASE DON’T DROWN HEDDA -and Coal to an extent even though you’re not in any danger- JUST DON’T BE DEAD.

  2. Oh MAN, that has GOT to hurt even Coal. I mean, even though the Mythbusters proved that hitting water is not worse than hitting concrete, it is still massively painful from a great height, and he’s probably snapped every bone in his spine, both his shoulder blades, rammed his spinal column up into his brain, and is probably bleeding from his eyes. MY POOR BABY COAL. D:
    And ohnononono Hedda! She’s going to have to get to the surface soon, and I hope she hasn’t been knocked out or worse or oh nonono!
    I’m going to go curl up in the corner and worry now for two weeks.

    Past that, though, I really wanted to say that I enjoy your comic immensely. I think, if you did make it into a printed book, I would finally scrounge up the money to buy it, rather than just lurk online. It has such wonderful artwork and an intriguing story, not the least that I love every single charrie in it (Except, maybe Stubbles, but he has that Little Brother Whine to him that makes me giggle when I try to imagine his voice in my head).
    I would only probably beg for you to send out autographed ones, just so I could have one when you become an ULTRA FAMOUS AUTHOR, which I have no doubt that you will be one day with your talent.
    Good luck with NaNo and have a wonderful Turkey Day! :)

    • Awww, thank you so much! That means a lot to me. And Coal can’t feel pain at all, so there’s no need to worry about him! XD

      • “Feels no pain” isn’t the same thing as “takes no damage”.

  3. Just a bit disappointed with the splash thingy..I thought it would be considerably bigger! Wonder if Coal’s clothes gonna develop any rips from hitting the water. Did a cliff jump in Manly way back in March of 2007. I landed on the water the wrong way–Butt first not feet first–and when I got out of the water, my shorts had a weeee long rip. It was so embarrassing! This particular cliff was situated just across the famed Australian Police College Campus. Funny the cops weren’t around to catch us.

    • Hahaha! I actually kept the splash small to emphasize how big the cliff is. Also…that’s a good story. XD

  4. Hello fellow NaNoer! I’ve been reading your comic for a while and been silent, but since you mentioned NaNoWriMo I figured I should pop my head in. I too am woefully behind and stuck between hard rock and a place (you read that right, long story), but that’s one of the things that makes NaNo fun, right? :D

    Anyway, just wishing you good luck, and offering thanks for the wonderful comic I’ve enjoyed for quite a while now. ;)

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the comic! NaNo has its ups and downs, and even though I doubt I’ll hit the goal this year, I do at least hope to finish the rough draft of my book. It can certainly help with that. :3

  5. owie, you know that’s gotta hurt! i guess a cape doesn’t help you fly, no matter how cool it makes you look. lol! i was hoping for a bit of demi-divine intervention, but i still like it. the splash kind of looks like an image of the green man, was it on purpose i wonder? hmmm…

    • Thank you! Can’t say I know what the green man is though. Sounds intriguing!

      • the green man was a nature spirit. you can find his image on medieval churches and in art from before the christians. he is a smiling, wild face on the wall.

        • oh, i almost forgot, happy turkey day to all!

  6. Lol, I was going to make a comment about how mythbusters proved that would hurt but it seems like someone beat me to the punch. So instead I shall just wish you an early happy thanksgiving!

    • Hahaha, thank you! Guess I should watch Mythbusters now and then.

  7. My response to this page was, yet again, HOLY CRAP. That is a *loooooong* fall!

    Good luck on NaNo, and have a fantastic Thanksgiving. :)

    • Thanks! Haha, and you too! :D