Chapter 6 | Page 2

This was probably funnier when I first thought of it last year. Oh well.

TWC this week is a behind-the-scenes adventure. Join me as I dive into Photoshopland and hack my way through the mysterious Blend Mode Forest.

I would like to re-draw your attention to this page on Patch Together, where I am trying to generate interest in a Jormy plush. It’s gone pretty good so far and I can’t thank those of you who’ve already voted enough. I have no idea what it takes to get selected for production, though, so more interest definitely can’t hurt! Tell your friends! Tell your teachers! Tell your cat, even though it won’t pay attention! :D

Thanks guys! See you next week!

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  1. Sometimes, boyish charms aren’t always adored.

  2. First thought: Loki claws!

    Really, Coal. I’d think you’d figure most men on long journeys that haven’t seen their family (and specifically their wives…) would, er, be disinclined to be disturbed late in the night…

    All of Coal’s expressions in this are just so EPIC. Especially that last one, where his pointing finger just sort of wilts. Lol. Even his hair curl falls down like a puppy ear. XDDD

    And of course: *SIGH*
    *is cracking up laughing*
    Yes: it is an old skit.
    But that is because it is still damned funny.
    But maybe that’s just me and growing up on Monty Python humour…

    Man, I hope you manage to get that Jormy plushie! I’d so buy one. :D!

    • Haha! Thanks! XD Yes, very happy for that blanket.

  3. I lol’d. Coal, you are the ultimate ****block xDDD

    • HAHA! I was going to say that but didn’t want to say it in front of possible impressionable eyes. Actually I should find out how old people are who visit here…. Thanks! XD

  4. Hahahah! Coal’s face in the sixth pannel is PRICELESS! XD

  5. how awkward for coal…and to bad for Loki hahaha!

    • Definitely. Coal doesn’t feel as bad as Loki though. :3

  6. Probably because you had it around your mind for the year (plus the whole making process), but it IS funny~
    Loki Claws 8D

    I feel bad for Both of hem xD

    Also, if Hedda hasn’t awaken yet, that Drug-soup-thing sure is strong

    • Yeah she’s still under the weather, but she’ll come around!

  7. Steal from the daughter of your host – check.
    Bring an uninvited guest worshiping a deity hostile to J├Âtnar to your host – check.
    Disturb the valued private time of your host (who happens to be the father of three major Jotun deities ) without any real reason – check.
    Even one of these would’ve been enough to get Coal killed in period (actually even without the deity parts), with them combined, no one would have the right to ask for a weregild. Yet, Loki spares him – a hint for Coal: if a violent god doesn’t kill you after insulting him several times on several levels, then you should actually start thinking about what exactly does he want from you.

    Also, I’m getting this strange feeling that Coal died as a virgin, or was castrated in early childhood. He didn’t react to shapeshifting Loki’s womanliness, and didn’t exactly understand that why wouldn’t an adult “man” spring to him at the first knock in the middle of the night. :P In short, I too think it’s funny, though probably for different reasons. :D

    • Okay yeah no Coal has all his acorns if you know what I’m saying. He’s just dead now, so he doesn’t really think about that much anymore. He’s also just plain impatient. :D

  8. This is why people adore Loki. XD

  9. Aw…. Coal is so adorable with his childish innocence!
    Thankfully, Loki has himself an understanding wife.

    • That he does. She knows what’s important (and it’s not always Loki no matter how much he sulks).

  10. Isn’t there an old saying about not walking sleeping giants? Because seriously Coal, that sounds like good advice right about now.

    And AUUUGGGH, BLENDING MODES! They are pretty awesome but they can be such a pain in the ass to remember at first (or when my PS teacher taught us how to use them and then didn’t let us use them on an assignment to prove a point, so evil). Oh, and I glanced at Patch Together’s website and it says you need to have a minimum order of 300 plush toys so even if you only did one order and then had backstock to sell later on it seems like having a cuddly world-snake plushie might be a ways off.

    • I noticed that, but I wasn’t sure if that was meant for this kind of vote-for-production thing or if it were for people actually calling in and going “Hey make this design, I’ll pay you.” If it is the same, then….yeah. Might take a while. XD;; Or never.

  11. Best.
    EVAR. <3

    • Haha, thank you! XD It was fun to draw.

  12. It’s probably as funny to us now as it was to you last year.

    Poor dears. Coal has a really good reason and so has Loki. That anguished YES, hilarious!

    • Thank you! Yeah definitely a conflict of priorities here. XD

  13. Loki’s deflated irritation compared to Sigyn’s sudden eagerness is utter comedic gold.

  14. Hilarious. And yes thanks that there is a towel ;)

    • Thanks! XD Towel is good.

  15. I think it’s hilarious.

    I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it, but I really love the world and characters you’ve built up here. I just ended up rereading it again. This is a great comic, and I enjoy every page.

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed all the characters and the story so far. It means a lot. :3

  16. coitus interruptus sucks even when you are a god. XD coal has gotta be the bravest individual in history. i wouldn’t have knocked on that door, much less pounded ’till it opened. the morning is a much better time for new things.

    • Brave may not be the word.

  17. LOVE! This may be my favorite page yet.

  18. Loki’s hand and the “YES” are so perfect.

  19. Hehe I just keep taking in the details of the expressions and movement of each panel. Very well laid out page, love it!

    • Thank you so much! I do love to draw expressions. :3

  20. Once again, I love your style of art. The simplicity works so well throughout the comic. And your backgrounds are GORGEOUS!

    Can’t wait to buy that Jormy Plush once it gets voted for enough. And it will for sure! :D

    • Aw thank you! I find it funny you compliment my backgrounds on a page with one simple background that’s the same in every panel, BUT STILL thank you so much. There are certainly other pages that weren’t so easy. XD