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Coal thinks weakness is hilarious.

TWC this week is a sketch of Hedda for the Comic Creators for Freedom wallpaper! It used to be known as the Comic Creators Alliance but they changed the name. I’ve been participating in this thing since it started three years ago and feel really good when I see the final wallpaper and all the different characters on it. It’s basically this thing where comic creators participate in a giant wallpaper to raise funds to end human trafficking. The fundraiser doesn’t start till January, but if you’re a webcomicker you have just enough time to still participate! Check the website for more details. :D

Thanks guys! Have a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice (today is actually the Solstice how bout that) or whatever else! :D

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  1. Grumpasaurus Rex-Loki is the best Loki.

    • Haha! Glad you like him! He’ll be around a while. XD

  2. Not dangerous? She’s christian.

    • Haha, but none of them are aware of that yet. XD

  3. And who thinks that it will be as simple as Coal’s invitation, now that it was brought up so early?

    • Hahaha, don’t overestimate me now!

      • The only mythical being needing an invitation that this wont apply to is vampires, who meed direct invite. Everything else is mostly implied. Its like, you for some reason dont want to go into the woods, but your friend drags you in, saying “I’ve been here lotsa times! C’mon theres someone I wancha ta meet! “

  4. Glad Hedda is going to be ok, and Gumpy Loki is very funny but; This brings up an interesting question: How is Hedda a Christian going to deal with the fact she is in a House with two Pagan God. Real Living breathing Norse Gods. Not only that but she was saved by pretty much a dead man. Or one the other hand how they going to handle it when they find out she is a christian? I suspect poor Hedda life is only going to get more and more complicated from now on, poor girl can’t seem to catch a break.

    Any way I can’t wait to see what happens next, keep up the fantastic work.

    • Hehehehe, all good ruminations. Thank you! :D

  5. Rocks covered with frost do not count as snowballs.

  6. Haha, I’m just realized how much I missed those two together xD

    • Haha! Yeah I missed them too, the grumps. :3

  7. Aw, don’t be such a grump Loki! Though, he does have a point… a Christian Girl getting into a Norse God’s valley should probably be concerning XD

    • Loki’s concerned about anyone finagling their way into his valley. He’s worried about moochers.

  8. Loki’s sulky face is a thing of wonder. Your design for him is great – it’s not like any Lokis I’ve seen before.

    Hello! Lurker creeping out from the woodwork here. I love the art style you’ve used for the comic; I know you said it was based on old Norse artwork, but it kind of reminds me of ‘The Secret of Kells’ too.

    • Thank you! The Secret of Kells was, and is, a huge inspiration to me. It changed the way I think about character design and art in general, so its influence is pretty apparent. I only hope it’s not so overwhelming that my originality is lost, or nonexistent. It’s hard to see it myself. XD Thanks again!

  9. i agree with loki, nothing worse than uninvited riff raff in your valley. i’d be more upset about that than the door pounding, barely. the red squiggle should be a crimson thunder cloud shooting lightning. lol!

    • Haha! The night just isn’t going his way. Poor Loki.

  10. hehe, I love how grumpy Loki looks in the first panel. XD I’m also curious to see how Hedda will react to everything when she wakes up.

    • She probably won’t be able to tell sleeping from waking! We’ll see.

  11. Ah, that explains the sudden change in scenery two chapters back then I guess, I had also wondered why/how there could be people living so close to where Loki’s family was, yay explanations!

    • Yay! Sometimes I make sense.

  12. My favorite scenes for Coal, Mr Snidesmile! hehe <3

    • Haha! Yeah it’s fun to draw him not frowning. XD Happens so rarely.

  13. COAL.
    He’s smirking!!! :O

    • I KNOW. Miracles can happen.

  14. I didn’t know that Coal is so… sneaky. Love it ;) Hope Hedda’ll wake up soon.

    • Haha, well he didn’t know about the whole “valley is supposed to be secure” thing so it’s not like he did it on purpose. XD Thanks!

  15. Coal smirking – (sigh) I work at a high school. I know that smirk well.

    As for the Christian issue – Hedda will either piously raise her eyes to heaven, say that Jesus led her there, and she will seek to convert the heathens… or she’ll just go with the flow, since she just escaped certain death. Heck, maybe she’ll convert.

    Two questions, Sarah; what is the blue thing laying on the bench in the first panel, and did Loki call Coal a jerk, or did you just label the hand gesture?

    Happy Holidays and Good Yule everyone!

    • That blue thing is a pillow. XD And yeah Loki is calling Coal a jerk, because Coal is being a little snark. Also a well-known high school phenomenon. Coal is 15 after all. XD Thank you!

  16. Ha. Loki looks great in that first panel. Well done!

  17. Is she from Ireland?