Chapter 6 | Page 15

Rollo is probably the least of your problems, Coal.

Not much to say this week! See you next week, wherein it becomes April to the world at large and remains the same day for Coal and friends. Thanks for reading! :D

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  1. My reaction to panel 2 was exactly the same as Loki’s.

    • Haha! Yeah Coal’s priorities probably aren’t exactly right.

    • Adn then Loki in panel five, decides to send the girl off to her death, despite his reaction to Coal, earlier

  2. But…which “home” does he mean? Home as in where she was born and free or home as in where Beardy and Stubbles are probably waiting for her?

    Or is that part of the gag?

    Oh Loki, I know you want to keep her along for the whole trip if only to annoy Coal (which is a very good reason indeed).

    • Is there anyone who cares, or even knows, about her where she was born?

    • And if it’s the later possibility, is it really the gag, then? “Oh yes, I figured we’d just drag her back to the people that were trying to kill her. Because, hey, not your responsibility, and not MINE. You already said she’s just some Christian, right? So you’ll have no qualms with this!”

      Then he trollfaces and gets his way.

    • Annoying Coal is always one of Loki’s top priorities. *nodnod*

  3. Oh Loki…why you so awesome? :D Love panel 3 haha

    • He’s just Loki! Thanks! XD

  4. hunh. Agreeing with TheBrigeedaRocks… If “home” refers to home, they’ll just kill her properly and Coal won’t be around to deal with it. …unless the funeral ceremony has already been completed and she’s just a moot point now. Not sure how necessary they would consider it… In any case, perhaps they should include the “girl” in decision-making time. :)
    *cough* Sorry, I’m usually a lurker. I read TMK happily each Thursday.

    • Hehe, thanks! I’m glad you came out of lurking and commented! :D

  5. Great stuff. Keep it up.

  6. Loki: God of Mischief, Trickery and Matchmaking. Nothing is going to make me change my opion on the last one (come on, I can’t be the only one thinking that!).

    • Haha! Loki is a jotun of many talents.

  7. Coal, you seem a mite disappointed in that last panel. Admit it, you’ll miss her cute freckly face when you finally get her home.

    • Hahaha, Coal would rather kiss all these bums good bye and get to Valhalla already!

      • Silly Coal, Valhalla is overrated. Helheim is much more cozy. Really >_>. . . no. . . really . . . . . >_>.

  8. I love when those two argue ;)

    • Good! Because it will happen a lot. XD

  9. Loki’s faces always amuse me :D
    Keep it up! I love reading these comics!

    • Thank you! I like drawing Loki’s faces. I like drawing all their faces!

  10. Great comic Sarah! Just started last night. I’m a little addicted to looking at those eyes. Especially Hedda’s.

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it so much. :3

      • Also admire that you’re so interactive with your readers. ^^

        • Aw, thanks! I try to respond to every comment if I can. So far I’m managing to keep up. XD

          • Allsooo did you mention how you thought of naming Hedda? I can’t stop thinking of that name for some reason. I’ll probably have to write a short story using that name for a character! Ahhhhh.

          • Hedda is a Norwegian name, though a recent one and not one that would have been used in Viking times (I’ve mentioned before some of the names are definitely anachronistic). I first saw it in the play “Hedda Gabler” by Henrik Ibsen, a Norwegian playwright. Funnily enough, I haven’t read “Hedda Gabler”, I read “A Doll’s House” but I remembered the name and looked up the play afterwards. It’s certainly not a happy play, and we can only hope TMK’s Hedda has a happier ending than Ibsen’s Hedda.

            The name Hedda itself is derived from Hedwig.

  11. By ‘delightful companion’, perhaps Loki means somebody who doesn’t yell at him/boss him around all the time, despite the fact that he’s trying to help. (and I don’t just mean Coal, I’m betting Thor and the other gods behaved that way as well)

    • Haha! That’s true, Hedda’s a nice person. She’d be a good change from Coal’s bad attitude! XD

  12. Obviously Coal has not read Rudyard Kipling’s Female Of The Species poem…
    Or heard this awesome version of it:

    I LOVE all the bright colours in these panels. So cheerful. :) And Loki looks quite a bit younger with blue eyes.

    • Haha, he does, doesn’t he? I guess because the eyes are a little bigger. Or I’m just not drawing him right! Thanks! XD