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Aren’t all uncles like that?

Notice! Next week I’ll be on vacation in Floridaaaa, so there won’t be a new page. I’ll try to get some fun little sketch comic up though, so check back anyway! Thanks everyone! :D

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  1. Hm, yes, having uncles who are blood-thirsty would put a damper on a family picnic, wouldn’t it?

    • Uncles or aunts or cousins or any relation, really.

  2. Hedda’s so cute when she sleeps :)

    • Haha, one of the only times she’s able to relax.

  3. :o My uncle is not a blood-thirsty murderer! He has a child and plays Diablo 3 with me…he doesn’t kill the innocent.

    I’ll miss your comic next week! Keep up the good work!

    • Oh well, good for you! Coal isn’t so lucky. D: And thanks! There will be a funny little sketch comic, though!

  4. I’m starting to think that Coal doesn’t have, erm, had a nice family….

    • Well it’s complicated. Darn those uncles!

  5. Is it Grimm Skallagrim. That guy is cool.

    • Nope, sorry! This Grimm isn’t related to any Grimm from the sagas. I actually grabbed the name from a website. >_>;

  6. O O Suddenly, I don’t think I want to get to know Coal’s family better!

    • Haha! Well they’ll only make a brief appearance. Kind of.

  7. Ah, evil uncles! The old mythological tradition XD
    Well, the Mabinogion had some evil nephews instead but that’s unrelated XD

    • Those uncles are such pains. Common pains back then, too.

  8. wait what didya mean by ‘her’ name? Hedda?

  9. Lol, now I can’t stop imagining Loki as the grim reaper from Billy & Mandy XD

    • I haven’t seen that cartoon so I can’t say I understand. :3

  10. “You’re too funny-looking to be my kid.” …this is coming from the most odd-looking one of all! Ha ha.

    • WELL he doesn’t look so odd now with the eyes changed, but yeah.

  11. Grimm? Isn’t that a later name given to Odin? Not my blood uncle, hmmm…

    Goodness, i missed three updates! *kicks self*

    Have fun on vaca! :D

    • I can’t say if Grimm is an Odin name, I’m not sure I read that anywhere. If I did I don’t remember! XD And thanks, I’m back now, and I had fun! :D

  12. “Too funny looking to be my kid”
    This coming from the guy who fathered a giant wolf, a bigger snake (who is adorable in his own special way), the goddess Hel, and gave birth to an eight-legged horse.

  13. Is this page supposed to be gray?