Chapter 7 | Page 7

Coal can’t contain himself, he’s so excited.

Nothing else to report this week! See you next week! :D Thank you for reading. <3

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  1. Coal, seriously, calm down! You don’t need to freak out so much about visiting a city! Save your energy!

    • He’s cool.

      He’s dead after all, it comes with the package.

    • Being dead he has as much energy as he needs but yeah! At least pretend to contain yourself, Coal.

  2. In panel 3, it looks like Coal is momentarily non-grumpy! He’s finally loosening up.

    • I know, right?! It’s amazing. Little miracles.

  3. Uh-oh, more people to try and hide his weird eyes from. >.>

    • Haha! True but there’s not much to do about that, really.

  4. Hedda is so cute. Coal is.. just Coal ;)

    • Thanks! Yeah Coal is his own adjective.

  5. Crossing the Prime Meridian. Uh, I’m sleepy.

    • They’re not quite that far west yet.

  6. Is the ship supposed to be saying from night into day, or from day into night? The context seems to imply day into night, but then it would be sailing backwards!

    • It’s a living magic ship of a dead woman. Hey, it can do whatever it wants.

    • Yeah this didn’t turn out very well. I’ll have to fix it up later.

  7. Hell yeah, I can see how excited he is xDDD
    I just love Coal’s grumpy face more and more every week xDDDD
    See you next update! :)

    • Haha, thank you! I’m glad Coal’s grumpiness doesn’t turn people off. :D

  8. I’m thinking that Coal’s first thought for every new situation is; “This is SO gonna suck.”

    • HAHA! That’s very, very accurate.

  9. “Oh, how ya gonna keep ’em, down on the fjord,
    After they’ve seen Hedebyeeeee!”

    You’ve done such a great job drawing Nature, Sarah. Can’t wait to see how you draw City!

    • Hm now I wonder if it’s Hede-bee or Hede-bye. I’ve been saying -bee, but I might be wrong. Either way, thank you! I imagine drawing City will not be as much fun as drawing Nature though.

  10. Wow, Coal not grumpy for a panel as the concept sinks in.

    And the gamer in me wants to loot the chest x]

    • Haha! That’s actually going to happen in like the next page! XD And yes, non-grumpy Coal sure is a rare sight.