Chapter 7 | Page 16

From now on nothing but wintery backgrounds.

Okay so, Hedeby! Hedeby was a real town, and a large trading settlement in Denmark. At least, it used to be Denmark. Now it’s Germany! The walls (earth fortifications) are still standing, and can be seen if you look for it on Google Maps! I’m hip with the times.

Thanks for reading! See you next week! :D

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  1. That looks amazing! :D

  2. :O That’s beautiful.

  3. It’s beautiful ! It’s look like a Bruegel painting !

    • Haha, well I don’t know about that, but thank you! XD

  4. Amg this page is awesome and the amount of detail makes me want to cry.

    • Thanks! It made me want to cry too.

  5. Whoa can’t wait they’ll land in city :)

    • Yes! I’m excited for city times. :3

  6. Wow, look at all the pretty smoke trails.

    … that is smoke right?

    anyway, its amazing to see the kind of detail you go into for every page of the comic. how do you resist the urge to copypasta?

    • Hahahahahahaha I don’t! I copy/paste a great deal. :3 Thank you!

  7. This is so beautiful! <3 It looks like a rather small town by today's standards but to Coal and Hedda it must looks pretty epic.

    • Haha, exactly. It was pretty dang big in its day by comparison to most places at the time, but today it’d just be considered a town. Thank you! :D

  8. I really love this page! So graphic and colorful!

  9. Fantastic. Must’ve been fun to draw all those people, it’s like they have their own little story *_*. My first thought when I saw this page though, was that the smog back then must not have been much different than it is now.

    • Ah, smog, really? Oop. Maybe I should take them out then. They’re just supposed to be smoke trails, but they don’t look exactly right. Ah well! Thanks! :D

  10. Wow, what a beautiful page! I really love your art :3

    • Thanks! I’m glad people like this one. Makes the hours trying hard to avoid working on it worth it. :D

  11. Wow! This is gorgeous.

  12. Look at all the bustle! And real wooden sidewalks! Seriously, though. I never thought of Vikings riding horses. But of course they must have.

    • Haha, thank you! The road with the horses is actually a road that went straight through Hedeby, so I think that would have been the busiest one and certainly got horses on it. Taking the horses into the town itself might have been troublesome, since the streets were narrow and small. But yeah, they definitely had horses! Some high-ranking warriors and nobles were buried with them.

  13. Awwwww! Guy leading a pig!

  14. Wonderful page. Love the crazy changes in perspectic – quite delightful :)

    • Thank you! Glad so many people like it. :D

  15. If you intend to change the smoke trails, I would recommend:
    1) Turning them a lighter shade of grey, as darker is associated with more harmful. It also looks out of place in the colorful image.
    2) Reducing their opaqueness further, there’s no need for them to be too visible, & reality is a matter you can abandon when it comes to art.
    3) Removing the smoke trails from the houses further back to reduce their density.
    4) Have all remaining smoke trails fade out at about half their current lengths to reduce interference with the lush green lands behind.

    I’m no artist myself, but I can critique! I hope you find it constructive.

    Absolutely love your style by the way, it’s just that the smoke seems to dominate most of this drawing, & with all the negative impact smoke is associated with, I’m sure you can understand why your readers would be a little turned off by it. I’m a smoker & I’m turned off by it :P

    • Thank you! Those are all great points. I might take the smoke out altogether so it’s not even an issue. I’m glad you like the comic though! :D

      • It looks like you changed the smoke instead of removing it? And I’m very glad you didn’t get rid of it. I admit the original version stood out, and I was thinking “Strings?” at one point (small screen!), but then I scrolled down and understood. I was impressed to see that you had included so much detail and had it coming from the ends of roofs and outdoor ovens and so forth.

        The whole page is just amazing.

        • Haha, I haven’t changed the page at all, actually. I might not take the time to fix it right now, and worry about it for the print version. Tends to be how I feel with the online pages. I’m glad you like it! Thank you! :D

  16. As far as I know the general stucture of that town at the different phases of it’s existence are well documented… I wonder if you worked with them but won’t bother trying to find out.

    • I didn’t work with anyone, but I did do some cursory research. There’s actually not a LOT out there about it? Or I didn’t find it. Or if there is, it’s probably in Danish. XD But since the guys are only here for a very short time, I didn’t worry about making it super accurate.

      • The Haitabu Museum in northern Germany has a lot of info (the whole display is both in German and Danish). They actually have detailed information on the different construction phasese the town had, like about how long early outer graveyards were used until the growing city swallowed them up, or which parts of town were used for which kind of industry (like glasery [a rarety in northern germany of that time], Gold smithery, tool/weapon smithery etc) , as well as other things like their trading networks, important graves, runestones etc. But I don’t remember details because I haven’t been there for years, and sadly the museum doesn’t seem to have much of an internet presence.
        Anyway, it was a primitive looking, but for norther, even middle europe standarts in fact increadibly modern and rich town with influence on the whole continent and regular foreign visitors, sometimes even from arabic regions (which were back then, culurarly far aboue the whole of europe).

        • I meant to say that glasery was a rarety in northern (and middle) Europe at that time, not northern Germany, Haitabu was Danish back than, and Germany didn’t even exist.

          • Wow, that all sounds amazing. I definitely wish I could see it! And, well, read German and/or Danish. There’s certainly no doubt in my mind that I drew some things wrong, but I did what I could with the information I could find. Thanks!

  17. That definitely looks like Hedeby!
    (At least the ramparts.^^)
    Very nice picture. :D

    • Yay! Have you been there? Cool! And thank you! :3

      • I live about 30km from it. :D
        (Which is totally awesome and means I can easily buy tasty mead! :D

        • Whaaat awesome! I wish there were viking sites within driving distance to me! XD

  18. This must have taken ages! But it was worth it, it turned out great

    • Thank you! It did take a while, but part of that was procrastination on my end. XD

  19. I love the pig too :3 And the mother chasing a kid chasing a pup XD It’s quite a nice page :D