Chapter 7 | Page 17

I wonder what the exchange rate is.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see ya’ll next week. I might even have a TWC incentive next week, since it will be November first! If I’m not too busy playing Assassin’s Creed 3 to draw something. :3

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  1. ermergerd. Loki. I’ve never seen anyone so excited about shopping before. And the cape flourish. ermergerd. :D

    • Loki knows that such dawdling will annoy Coal all the more, hence his excitement. :3

    • HA! Glad to see I’m not the only one who absolutely adored that cape-splosion.

  2. I haven’t seen anyone so excited about shopping since Sokka.

    • Haha! That is pretty dang excited.

  3. I hope they buy Hedda a new dress. Gotta have a new dress when you start a new life.

    • That’s a nice idea! Maybe they will.

  4. Love Hedda’s excited face :)

  5. Merchant guilds rules for shopping in a Viking Market:

    1. Please check your swords, knife, axe, spear and other deadly weapons at the gate;
    2. Berserkers are not allowed in the market during shopping hours;
    3. Your threats are taken seriously, but we insist on gold or silver for the purchase of goods;
    4. You taste it, you buy, no free samples;
    5. When buying weapons in the market, please do not test said weapons on the merchant, innocent bystanders, random strangers or your blood enemies. A chopping block will be provided for weapons test purposes;
    6. Slaves are sold at discounted prices only on THOR’S DAY;
    7. When leaving your boat at the docks, please assign a guard for your boat. The local merchant guild will not be held responsible for missing personal items or stolen boats that are left unattended at the docks;
    8. No hand to hand fighting unless it is done at the nearby public arena and only after combatants agree that the merchant guild will keep 60% of the admission fees generated by the fight;
    9. All items are VAT inclusive;
    10. No return. No exchange policy is strictly observed!

    For any further complaints, please address all challenges to local Merchant Guild representative Hagar the Horrible.

    • Those are all good rules to abide by. Let’s see if anyone does. :D

  6. …And hope no-one recognises Loki, that could get interesting.

    • Haha, I don’t think Loki has been to Hedeby in this form before, so they shouldn’t! Hopefully.

  7. Coal and Hedda, sheltered under the protecting wings of Loki. :)

    The exchange rate obviously depends on how much they can sell Hedda for.

  8. Actually, while coins were made, most currency was hack silver. This was silver made into small bars or bracelets that could have the necessary amount of silver chopped off for payment. This was all determined by weights, not general exchange values like most paper money today. This was also easier for them to keep silver at a steady price because their markets didn’t exactly deal with issues like an overabundance of silver. If silver flooded the market, that wasn’t much of a problem. Most people wouldn’t see half of it, as it was in the hands of the wealthy few.

    • Very right! Lots of vikings wore their currency with jewelry! I find it funny that a lot of viking jewelry was also made from Islamic coins. Irony.

      • And goldy and silvery and bronzey …


        • Is that….a Blackadder reference???

    Coal: *sigh*

    • YEP.

      • *reads next page* OMG I’M PSYCHIC. *becomes a norn*

  10. And now Loki shows us his FABULOUS side!


    Cracking me up up.

  11. I adore the expressions in the second to last panel!

  12. Oh, Loki, you never cease to surprise me. :)

    • Good! Hopefully there’ll be plenty more. :D

  13. Shopping? Are they sure they’re not a Kaupang? (sorry, obscure pun.)

    Hedda in frame 1 looks so excited and happy; I hope she gets to spend a lot more time looking that way – the poor kid deserves it.

    • I hope so too! Should be better than what she’s had to deal with at least. :D

  14. Good thing Coal’s not looking as dead as he used to!

    • Haha, yep! Though those eyes are still…freaky.

  15. Excellent.
    World`s greatest trickster.
    Nothing can go wrong now *shifty eyes*