Chapter 7 | Page 18

HEY WAIT that “funny looking guy” up there doesn’t look all that funny. In fact, he’s rather familiar. Granted that one was found in Sweden, but if it ended up there, no reason one couldn’t end up in Denmark. Also I mean no disrespect to Buddha or Buddhists. Loki and the rest of them aren’t as culturally aware as many people are today. No internet!

BUT THERE’S YET MORE! Since today is the first of the month, there is a TWC voting incentive! Click the runestone over there on the side (or this link) to vote for TMK and see the sketch version of next week’s page. Coal’s Quest Senses are tingling!

I hope all my East Coast readers are all right after Sandy rolled through. We were pretty lucky and didn’t lose power or get any wind damage or anything. Thanks for reading and see ya next week! Maybe I will have another thing to mention for anyone who wants some original TMK art (and didn’t already read about it on my Tumblr).

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  1. Oh, Coal. You could at least try not to look like you are at a funeral! :D

    • He could! But he won’t.

  2. I love how cole doesn’t change at all, hahaha.
    Also, great work with the mysterious stuff from the east. It wasn’t all too uncommon for people to come across such items in major viking trading ports.
    So, once again, outstanding job with your comic, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next Thor’s day.

    • Thank you so much! Yeah when I read about the Buddha statue found in Sweden, I definitely wanted to mention it somewhere in the comic. :D

  3. Loki is a gentelman. Coal definitely isn’t ;)

    • Yeah that’s for sure. :x

  4. On an important quest for the gods? Shopping! Loki is the best quest leader.

    • You never know what you’ll find in a market! And they need more potions.

      • One always needs more potions.

  5. Some people just can’t handle a mall crawl. Best just to drop Coal off at the food court.

    • I don’t know if that would help since he doesn’t need to eat and can’t taste the food if he did. :c

  6. Wear the new dress, you silly girl!

    • I second that motion.

      The motion has been made and seconded; all in favor say ‘aye’… ;o)

      • Aye!

      • Aye!

        • Aye!

    • She likes the dress she has! She’s not fancy.

  7. Oh man. I love this strip!

  8. Clearly Coal is having the time of his life right now. XD Hedda, sweetheart, if there’s anyone who deserves a new dress, it’s you.

    • Hehehe. Hedda does deserve one! But have I designed one? That’s the question.

  9. Coal certainly seems… thrilled. *g*

    • He’s so excited he looks like he’s not moving at all!

  10. The expressions are simply priceless, especially in the first panel. The merchant is clearly NOT amused :-)

    • Haha, thanks! Yeah that merchant’s kinda just like “Whatever buy it or go!”

  11. Hedda looks so dang CUTE in these panels!
    And Loki holding the Buddha! I can just imagine how the rest of that “He looks funny” sentence might go:
    “This guy looks funny! I’ll add him to my foreign statue collection, right next to the blue guy with extra arms and the mother and baby who both have gold plates behind their heads.”

    • Haha! He probably does have a vast collection of foreign figurines stashed away somewhere.

  12. Thanks for recovering the TWC vote link! Please keep that on there.

    • Haha, I only have it up for about a week if a TMK update lands on the first of the month. It’s not really worth trying to think up incentives every week when the only way you really get much exposure on TWC is if you’re in the top ten. TMK doesn’t have the numbers to achieve that. Sorry!

  13. Awesome story and amazing artwork!! :) Can’t wait until Thursday! Keep up the great work. You’ve got yourself another fan!

    • Ah, thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the comic so far! I hope you enjoy the rest! :DDD