Chapter 9 | Page 3

Readers: this is a work of fantasy.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers! Don’t eat too much. But then yes eat all the food.

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  1. I love in the last panel how all the “grown-ups” are not quite comfortable and the little kid in the lower right seems amused :P
    As Polandball would say, “Cordoba can’t into space”

    • Yeah kids love stuff like that.

  2. So glad to see that adults freaked out there as well, I was wondering if I had missed the memo that hurtling people several hundred feet was normal now. XD

    • Haha! Sadly no! It’s still freaky no matter the century or culture.

  3. Well that escalated quickly. And then descended and splashed into the water at record speed.

    • Now it’s very grumpy and probably drowning.

      • it’s ok, I’m sure Rollo will save him :3
        ….After all, when you find the next member of your party /some/ plot device always seems to get them on your ship xD ( right, right? [totally not just giggling over the mental image of Coal calming down and failing to find Loki and Hedda, so he heads back to the ship, and THERE THEY ARE. With Ibrahim. Having tea. Or something similarly tasty. ])

        • I want that to happen so much.

  4. Coal looks to have stepped beyond berserk and into ‘giggling nutter.’

    Loki’s going to love this. Actually, I hope it gives him ulcers; it’d be like the mother’s curse coming true.

    • Maybe hanging out with Loki’s corrupted him?

    • Hahaha, poor Loki.

      • He probably thinks that much brutal force is unseemly. Clever folks could have managed with less.

        • Keep in mind that it was Loki being “clever” that has everyone in this mess in the first place.

        • Though when Loki first ran into Coal within the webcomic, he ran him through with a sword… so I have to wonder how much that’s true

  5. No Coal, bad Coal! *hits with newspaper*
    No flinging people through the air.

    • I think he expects a treat.

      • Well, he won’t get any from me, not until he gets poor Ibrahim out of there and makes him a hot soup ó_ô

  6. WHAT

    I still can’t believe that he actually flung a random stranger through the air and into the harbor.

    • Random stranger formerly with a piece of the thing that stands between him and a warrior’s eternal paradise.

      I’m trying to think of whether or not Coal actually has any reason to be subtle, given that he is evidently stronger than any mortal opposition and is on a quest from the gods. As long as people aren’t fleeing before him and making it impossible to gather that which he seeks, I think he’s probably fine.

      Unless other gods exist too, then one of them may take offense to their followers being treated thusly.

    • He did! He’s special.

  7. There is not a single expression on this page that I do not love.

  8. Shouldn’t Ibrahim have splashed with a more roundish typography like the sigh in C8P11? Or is it because he splashed into Nordic waters?

    • It’s because I’m a terrible, inconsistent artist! :D

      Actually, sound fx tend to be in fake-rune-shapes, but sounds made by humans I usually draw in regular text, like sighs or groans. I’m sure there are instances where this isn’t true, but for the most part that’s what I do. I think. Eh, whatever.

  9. At least he missed the boat. Yeahhhh.

    • The water broke his fall!

  10. {munches on popcorn} Enjoy your dip!

  11. Falcon *THROW!!!*

    • I don’t know this reference but good job!

      • It’s a reference to the Super Smash Brothers character Captain Falcon. He always calls out the name of his moves as he uses them. The longer it takes to say, the more powerful it is, meaning a well timed Falcon Punch could send someone flying across the screen. (Faaaallcoooonnnn PAWNCH)

        A side note that Cap’n Falcon was merely a guest star in that game, and has his own series.

        • To be fair…every character in the Smash Bros. series is a “guest character”, except the final bosses.

  12. There’s something rotten in Denmark………..fortunately it got a bath today.

  13. Berserker rage!!

  14. No, bad Coal. Baaaaaad.
    Where’s Loki with a rolled up newspaper when you need him?
    Also that arm he threw the boy with is definitely at least broken and dislocated. On top of whatever else is from hitting the water.

    • Luckily this is a fantasy webcomic and the laws of physics don’t apply. :D

  15. This is what happens when a dude has forced to spend time in a store.

    • Sometimes even when a girl is forced to spend time in a store. Some people just hate shopping!

      • So many people hate shooing. Shopping = the evil.

        • And then there’s those of us in retail who look at what Coal did and say “can I do this to at least 50% of my black Friday people? and another 50% of the people coming in between now and Christmas???”

  16. Nice foreshortening on that knife.

  17. All righty, since I don’t know — what is the police force like in this type of town during this era? Because this is definitely not within what I’d think is considered legal in most civilized cultures… (I’m now imagining Coal either on the run from the cops or Hulking out at them… “Don’t make me go berserk. You wouldn’t like me when I’m berserk…”)

    • I have no idea what sort of police-type force they might have had…I imagine a city like Hedeby might have town guards or something though. Someone is in charge of the place, and they have to protect their assets and keep the peace. I don’t know for sure, though!

      • Oh! Speaking of law enforcement, berserkers, and Marvel, are you following SHIELD? The berserker staff a few weeks ago made me think of you!

        • Sorry, no! Superhero stuff isn’t really my thing, though I have enjoyed the Avengers-related movies. Haven’t seen Thor 2 yet but I want to!

  18. And I thought he was a good guy.

    • He is good! He’s just kinda crazy.

  19. Reminds me of the video game prototype :3

    • There’s a game where you can toss people into a river? I may have to find this.

  20. Looks like the start of a beautiful friendship to me.


    • It’s the start of something!