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It can’t ever be that easy.

Thanks for reading! See you next week! :D

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  1. Loki………caring about people.

    • I know. Must make him feel horrible, too, having to be the responsible one.

      Makes you want to snerk give the poor guy a… Oh, who am I kidding? Bwahahahaha!

    • Very common actually!

  2. You know Coal has issues when Loki is the voice of reason in the group. ^_^

    • Yeah that’s never a good sign.

  3. Yay! TMK again! :)
    Coal, shame on you.
    I think I missed something. What did he mean by “you called me”?

    • A couple pages ago someone called out “Torvaldson” which is Coal’s last name. Loki is the one who called at him, disguised as that bearded guy who tackled him.

  4. Angry Loki is angry.

  5. I’ve the feeling something is messed up here. On last week, I didn’t see any update till now, and on this page, Coal is talking about something that I don’t get.
    Anyway, it’s amusing to see Loki being so caring XD

    • Well I said a couple weeks ago that I would be out of town last week, so there was no page. What do you not get?

      • Sorry, I had to overview that one and I didn’t know.
        When Coal sais “you called me?”, I don’t know aht he’s meaning for. That’s my doubt.

    IT IS!
    And no, Coal, it is never that simple.

  7. While it’s cool to use guile and trickery against a wily opponent,
    its just crass to be a git to a nerd…

    I like your Loki.

    • Haha, thank you!

    • Nerds are the people who rule the world. Even in medieval times, although to a lesser extent. Seriously, that guy (unless I’m mistaken) is the son of the Caliph of Cordoba. You want to tick off the future Caliph of Cordoba? I think not.

      So Loki’s being very smart here, not to mention the future caliph

      • * not to mention getting on the good side of the future caliph, someone who might be useful to have around. I seem to recall the moors being pretty darn powerful right around now.

        Sorry, technology freak-out.

  8. i have missed this comic so. bless you, loki

    • Luckily the site is back, yey!

      • Yes! I was worried about that!

  9. Actions — they have consequences. I suspect it took Loki awhile to figure that one out, too, but it’s nice to see him pass along the lesson. :)

    • In the myths I’ve read, I’m not sure he ever did; Loki seemed to always think himself able to out-clever any consequences. Sarah’s got her own thing going, though, which is how the myths stay alive.

    • It’s a lesson he’s learning, and hasn’t even come back to bite him yet. But it will.

    • Assuming he actually bothers to pass on the lesson. He doesn’t seem too big on teaching.

  10. Best guess: you can’t just TAKE them, they need to be given.

  11. Wow, Loki actually cares about regular mortals. Didn’t expect that.