Chapter 9 | Page 20

So much for those observational skills.

Next week there may not be a page because this whole weekend I’ll be busy with AwesomeCon! It’s my first convention ever so I don’t want to worry about making a page in addition to everything con-related. However, hopefully there will be a fun convention update that Thursday instead!

We’ll see. Thank you for reading!

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  1. Poor Ibrahim, I thought he had already resigned himself -_-‘
    Love both Coal and Ibrahim’s faces on that last panel, I know that Coal’s a jerk and all, but I ove him! :3

    • ** Love him, I mean

    • Yay! I’m glad you like Coal despite him…being Coal. :D

  2. Poor Ibrahim. Coal you douchebag look at how scared the poor man is! Obviously not everyone can cope well with being kidnapped by barbarians… sheesh dude.

    Also good luck at the convention! I’m sure you’ll do great and I look forward to the fun convention update too. :> I’ve always loved filler comic pages.

    • Haha, thanks! There won’t be any filler images, sadly, but I’ll definitely put up at least some text update!

      • Ah well, that’s something at least! XD

  3. This may be the most low-key kidnapping ever.

    • Those are the best. Sure, all that screaming and shouting and people running around with weapons drawn and stuff blowing up, that´s a lot of fun, too, but nabbing your target and making off with him/her/it before anyone, target included, realizes anything is happening, that´s something to be proud of as a professional.

    • So low-key it’s Loki.

      • And the award goes to Sarah Schanze!

  4. My sister was reading over my shoulder and laughed so hard…right in my ear. I won’t be able to hear for at least an hour now….still a funny page.

  5. So they’ve been “floating”/”sailing” out to sea for five weeks?! Took me long enough to notice, too. /facepalm

  6. “Insert goofy trombone noise here”

    • Womp womp womp wooomp~

    • Very good.

  7. I love smug Coal.

    Wait till Ibrahim (or Hedda) discover the boat’s alive. That’ll be a blast.

    • I’ll be sure to bring popcorn to that!

    • What will be REALLY entertaining is when they discover exactly who and what Loki is and that Coal is really an undead warrior.

    • Lots of people eager for things to happen! But will they happen? Who knows. (I know)

  8. Ibrahim’s uncle sure has a lot to worry about now. I’d say there’s a good chance he’ll try to pursue them in some manner, even if he might not know which direction they got off to.

  9. This is what happens when you talk about yourself too much. It’s Ibraham’s own fault that he’s all the way out here!

    • He gets wrapped up in himself sometimes. Might be the last time that happens!

  10. Just started reading again after like a year or two away from the comic. It has been really great progress! I love the intertwined cultures!

    • Ahhh, thank you! It’s so great to see people come back even after a couple of years. :DDD

  11. I’m loving the historically accurate diversity right now. uhuf good stuff!

    • Thank you! It’s definitely something I strove to do when I first started. :D