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  1. I really like Coal’s facial expressions on this page. Their subtle changes naturally flow right into each other, from concern to seriousness to contemplation . . . and it shows he doesn’t just have a grumpy face. :)
    (Also, he looks cute. heehee <3)

    • Thank you so much! It can be difficult to get such subtle emotions across, but they seemed to work this time! :D

  2. Oh that’s interesting, wasn’t expecting all of the myths to already be known here (especially since a bonus comic established that Baldur isn’t dead yet), wonder what Coal’s explanation for that is….

    • Haha, Baldur isn’t dead yet, but that doesn’t mean Coal doesn’t know how he’s gonna die. :3

      • No wonder the gods are so grumpy. They already knew pretty much how everything is going to turn out: that pretty much all of them are going to die and in large part due to Loki or his offspring.

  3. I adore your lighting and nightsky. They are quite pleasing to the eyes.

    (By the way, I just donated. I hope enough people do–I want that print set. ^_^)

    • Thank you so much! For both reading, and especially for pledging! :DDD

  4. Yeah! Story Time! :D

    • Woo! Gather in a circle now, kids.

      • Eh! You’ll hate me now… you mentioned Ragnarok and I remembered… Coal… and it would totally suit.. Coal… I can’t wait to see if Coal will be so Coal.
        And everybody blaming Loki for it, of course. Coal is the new cool. XD(Ok I’m going to bury myself after that. In a coal’s cave.)

  5. Hey, author-lady! (What may I call you?)

    I’m a new reader~ Started TMK yesterday and decided to wait until today to comment (luckily today was Thor’s Day). I just wanted to say.. Great comic you’ve got here! I love the characters and the plot and all, good job! I’m not… Very good at compliments, in case you didn’t guess yet, so I can’t really express what I’m thinking, but I really mean it. You’ve got a new reader!

    • Haha, you can call me Sarah! And yaaay, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and hope you stick around for the many many pages to come! Thank you!!!

  6. Panel 4: Ibrahim, father of periodism and interviews!!
    Btw, just donated! It’s not much, but I hope it helps! I would really love to see Coal’s story on paper!! Good luck!

    • Ahh, thank you for donating! I also would like to see the story in print, hahah.

  7. He didn’t? Huh.

    • Huh!

    • I don´t recall the details of the mythology – but even if he did technically cause Ragnarok, which I´m not sure of, he´d have been fated to do it, so it really wasn´t his fault, seeing as he didn´t have a choice.

  8. Yay storytime!!! I love your comic. As soon as I get paid this week, I am going to donate to the Kickstarter. *_*

    • omg yaaay! Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it. :D

      • Donated!!!! :D

  9. I’m an old man who distrusts online banking, so I was relieved to see you already reached the $5000 goal.

    • Hahaha, I understand! If you still want a book I’ll add it to the shop eventually. :D

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