Chapter 10 | Page 22

Is that the only reason, Loki?

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  1. Uh, that’s pretty much everyone’s fate…

    • well, usually some stuff happens prior to the death bit.

    • Yep!

  2. So as a broad speculation, once one dies, at least in this story/universe, no one can see their future. Whether that means that they effectively have no future, simply can’t be seen by seers or possibly even aren’t bound by the normal laws of fate is unclear at the moment.

    Also, Loki, aren’t you just a wee bit perturbed at what your wife can and cannot see?

    • Yes! I am completely on board with the idea that Coal is going to save Loki from his fate — unintentionally of course.

    • Haha, he may have been at first, but he got used to it.

  3. Well, I could have believed that if I didn’t see you and her together, Loki..
    ♡。゚.(*♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡*)゚♡ °・

  4. UNLESS she did see something but felt that she shouldn’t let Loki (and potentially Cole) know.

  5. Uhh.. He’s already dead!
    That’s why she couldn’t see him.

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