Chapter 11 | Page 6

In the big house.

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  1. Adopted son?

    • Or his dad had that skin tone.

      • Yeah I thought of that afterwards because I’m a real genius… OTL

  2. Wow! I see why Ingolf wants to get with Arne’s mom…she’s really pretty!

  3. Hehe, believe it or not, Arne’s mother’s costume is nearly *exactly* like the one I’d drawn when fooling around with another TMK fan for Cole’s “genderbent” persona.

    • Haha, really?? That sounds pretty fun. Oh no now I want to try it myself. LOOK WHAT YOU DID.

      • Hahah! That would be so cool, I’d love to see your take on this one day! :D

  4. That lady has a wonderful face!

    • Thank you! Hopefully I can keep drawing her with her nice face.

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