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That board there on the table (and was featured on the cover page for this chapter) is a hnefatafl board. I can’t say it’s like chess because we don’t really know exactly how it was played. But it was a pretty popular board game for vikings. I think at its core the object was to defend a “king” piece from other attackers.

REMINDER: I’ll be tabling at AwesomeCon in Washington DC this weekend! I’ll be at table H7 with my friend Hannah. Come see us and buy things! :DDD I’m hoping to have a new Arne print ready by then.

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  1. Going to file the Odinson comment away for later inspection… As for Harold… why do I get the feeling that’s A) historically or mythologically important, or B) is just Loki with Gungnir?

    • I’ll tell you right now: Harold was “What is a basic Scandinavian name for this one-off character? Harold, yes”. Hahahaha.

      • Oh. Homestuck gave me the unfortunate habot of scanning everything in the off chance its potentially important.

        • Hahaha, I don’t mind if people think I’m cleverer than I am, though. ;D

  2. They’ve got some boards set up in the York Viking Center and a run down of a version of the rules. I managed to lose without taking a single piece from my opponent.

    • HAHA wow. That’s neat though you were able to play! Maybe I should look into it.

      • You totally should. Even if the reconstructed rules aren’t quite right (how could we know?) they’re a lot of fun. There are places to play online, too. I keep a set in my pack when I go walking, in case someone wants to play.

        The defender really should win that game in the comic. :)

  3. Wow! Arne’s mum can throw some shade!
    She seems older than 25yo Ingolf though, maybe in her 30s? To have a 12yo son (adopted or otherwise) I’d hope she’s older than 25!

    Though then again I have no idea when Vikings got married…

    • Haha, Aud is younger than Ingolf, actually! But just by a couple of years. But she had to mature pretty fast, so she’s learned to be chill all the time. Throwin’ shade.

  4. What are the two doing in the background with the bowl things and the boards?

    • Ironing clothes, I guess – using stones instead of clothes irons, but “stoning clothes” sounds so wrong…

    • I don’t want to assume the author’s intent, but I think they’re ironing!

      Aud’s gotta look good! Nothing is worse than meeting a foreign dignitary in wrinkly purple robes!


      But as others mentioned, yes they are ironing! Or, yeah, “smoothing” linen. Oops I colored them the wrong color though, haha.

      • It’s all your fault you know! I’ve gone back and watched so many documentaries on the Vikings since reading this comic, they were quite awesome (when they weren’t trying to kill you)! :D

        • Oh NO my evil plan to promote history and learning and doing your own research has been discovered, I’m RUINED.

  5. So Harold as in Harald? As one of those Harold that wear blue or purple? :3

    Hmm… can’t wait to, where this goes ^_^

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