Chapter 12 | Page 2

Coal, you are off your rocker.

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  1. Why is Coal so upset? It’s not like he has to be somewhere.

  2. Man, I missed that grumpy guy. Coal, I’d give you a hug but it wouldn’t make you less grumpy.

    • If only that would work! Need some Care Bears.

  3. But Jormungandr is *adorable*, and apparently very helpful. Why is Coal so upset?


    • Great Coal impression!

    • You have absolutely no idea how happy I am to see someone reference that show.

  5. Haha, don’t pay too much attention to Arne, Coal. In this instance he’s not a good indicator of where you are. :p

  6. OK, Coal? Coal? I’m going to need you to take a chill pill here before you go axe-crazy and go full murder hobo on everyone.

    Hedda, now would be a REALLY good time to come and get him to calm down. At least then he can’t go shouting at Loki about Jormungandr.

    • Oh yeah he’s definitely forgotten all about “Grimm” and that, hahahaha.

      • Admittedly, he’s probably got good reason to be upset. When Loki changes plans on you without telling you ahead of time, you probably should be a little suspicious and start checking to see what the heck he could be planning. Considering that Arne is possibly one of Odin’s sons, I’d be pretty worried for him. I mean, Loki did stab Coal in the back as a hello (though I’m not sure if he knew he was an Enhijar at that point).

  7. how do you pronounce that?

    • What? Jormundgandr? Like “yor-mund-gan-dr”, or thereabouts. Maybe without that first D sound.

  8. I suddenly find myself wondering how well Coal and Magnus Chase would get along together..

    • I haven’t read those books! So I can’t say, hahah.

  9. I am enjoying this comic very much. Coal, what is your deal??? I would love to know more of his backstory. How he died? yes, we know it was is battle but with whom and what injury killed him. His corpse? looked intact. Or was it a head injury and that is why he is so grumpy.
    Those murderous uncles are interesting too. are they murderous because they killed Coals parents? or killed Coal.

    So many questions!!!!!!!

    Once again love the art and story. Please keep it going.

    • For why Coal looks intact, look closer at the first page: The boat was basically burning in reverse. Coal’s original body was given a traditional viking funeral: Placed on a boat with possessions, and set ablaze. The Coal we see in the pages is technically his soul as an Einerjar. He’s grumpy mainly because he’s being denied entrance to Valhalla, among other things.

      • Thanks, I forgot the burning thingy. Makes Loki’s distraction attempt when they first met even more pointless hey.

        • No prob! And yeah. That’s why he didn’t have a hole in his chest when Loki stabbed him: Ya can’t kill what’s already dead!

    • So MANY questions!! They will be elaborated upon, eventually. In the far future, hahahaha.

      THANK YOU FOR READING! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! :D

  10. Ok. Anachronistic question!
    What would our little troupe like to be for Halloween?
    I assume Coal would have none of it, but I think Loki would rock Halloween!

    • Oh god I have no idea, probably whatever I’m into at the moment. Loki would have the best though, because he can literally “dress up” like anything!

    • Loki would be a sheep in a bikini!!

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