Chapter 12 | Page 6

I had fun drawing this page.

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Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. oh barkeep! Coal-nan needs another Soda, better fillit with happy juice while you’re at it – he looks grouchy…

    • He needs something stronger than that, friend.

  2. Ibrahim’s face is princiless! And for once, Coal looks relaxed.

    • Poor Ibrahim! But yeah I enjoyed drawing the faces in this one, haha.

    • Nah, that is his bored face.

  3. I’m never not going to find it funny that Loki is using one of Odin’s aliases.

  4. Aww poor Hedda! Nothing quite like meeting a fine lady in your skivvies!

  5. I really like this page. The little group of misfits, led by good old “uncle” Loki, are in a meeting with some of the most powerful people in the area. Almost no one is happy about this.

    • Thank you! Yeah it’s a fun page, I liked working on it, haha.

  6. More buff Coal. At least he doesn’t sparkle in the light…

  7. It’d be hilarious if, after Loki saying Coal is his nephew twice, if Coal’s father’s name was either Byleistr or Helblindi. Mwahaha.

    • I feel like I should get this reference but I don’t, I’m the worst.

      • Googled it. Apparently those are Loki’s brothers.

        • OH right that makes sense then, hahaha.

          • Sorry for the confuzzling! I only remember the names because of having written them into short stories, myself. There’s pretty much no info on either, except that Byleistr is called “brother of Loki”. Oddly, Helblindi is also a Heiti of Odin, I think.

  8. A Christian, a Muslim and a Viking walk into a bar… something something… Loki!

    There is a joke in there somewhere…

  9. Guests remove your shoes and chainmail indoors…Thank You.

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