Chapter 12 | Page 10

I wasn’t sure whether to use torc or torque so I guess it’ll be a wild ride!

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. Coal just gives zero shits about what anyone thinks of him. Amazing.

    Also: YAY STORY TIME! (??)

    • YAY!

    • As the comment thread went on the last page, Coal doesn’t see any reason to continue with the pleasantries. He sees a potential piece of the divine weapons, and wants to ask after it. That said… *thump* TELL US A STORY!

  2. Coal may be rude, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his eyes or ears. I’m just glad he didn’t do the same thing he did with Ibrahim. Hopefully this will clarify things for us a bit.

    • Yes part of this chapter came about simply from all the “Where the heck did Arne come from???” comments I got. Some were ruder than Coal’s, hahah.

      • Those must be… fun?

        In any case, I’m looking forward to the explanation.

  3. And her comes the plot, full speed ahead!

  4. Because of my background in science I naturally think of “torque” as a scientific term. Also automobiles, because I’m American.

    THAT SAID… I instantly knew what Coal meant when he said torque. It wasn’t confusing at all, and frankly, that’s the way *I* would spell it, too. I fully support the use of “torque”.

    • Yeah that’s true, I’m still not sure! I may change it to “torc” for the print version, it seems a bit more specific to old jewelry than “torque”, which can be about physics, etc.

  5. I’d go with ‘torc’ myself, but apparently both are acceptable spellings! Interesting to see where this scene goes; I’d been wondering about Arne’s origins myself…

    • Yeah I might change the spelling later, haha. And you’re not the only one!

  6. Miss Sara, you should just use TORK because torque is “too french”, TURK too far to the east, and TARK too wakky

    In Fakt, the Letter SEE should just be diskarded as just some damn fool infention by thos pesky ROMANS (um yeah, what century are we in now…. see! damn LATIN wurdz…kant avoid them…enghlysh is full of them noxious loan wurdz! Hek, it’s praktikally a pidgin mash anyways.

    Oh, and the answer is “That torc came from…. CHINA… via the bering straits of course…”

  7. Both spellings are technically correct.

  8. I also prefer the Torc spelling. I knew what you meant by torque, but Torc has no alternate meanings to confuse.

  9. To me at least “torque” is more of a physics/mechanics thing (a force that produces or tends to produce rotation or torsion). Whereas a torc is, well, what Arne is wearing.

    (of course, as others have pointed out, I got what you meant and it is apparently a valid spelling for the jewellery. So… meh.)

  10. Coal: Where did he get that torque?
    Arne: *looks SO UNCOMFORTABLY at Loki/”Grimm”*
    I hope they don’t make Arne’s family distrust him! D: If he lies to cover for Loki, or just keeps getting sidetracked, then they might think he isn’t trustworthy.
    And I’d just be in the corner crying, yep.

    • Crying in a corner solves everything. :D

  11. Coal is to diplomacy what sand is to clockwork.

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