Chapter 12 | Page 19

Yeah Coal, eat up.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. Loki totally looks like he plans for Arne to stalk him, lol.

  2. Hmm I’ve been thinking (yeah dangerous) . Arne received the torc 6 years ago, he is now 12.
    Coal is now 15, perhaps Loki gave him the amulet around 6 years ago too. That would mean Coal was around 8/9 when his father died and possibly his mum died not long before then also.
    Ibrahim I think had a similar time frame for receiving the knife.

    The web is coming together nicely. Or I am completely wrong. Sarah????

    I can relate to Coal’s seriously bummed expression in the last panel. Lucky he wasn’t told his bodyguarding started immediately.

  3. I love the lighting on this page. Lurk in the darkness, Arne. LURK.

    • Thank you! Arne is lurking his hardest.

    • I concur. The lighting is compelling. I noticed a similar look in the rooftop Aud/Arne scene. Good use of chiaroscuro to increase the sense of anticipation. Well done.

  4. I still love how no one has questioned the shirt with holes (that have been mended, making them stand out even more) on both sides as if something sharp went through it.

    • Person: Those tears make it look like you were stabbed through the chest, hahaha.
      Coal: …
      Person: Hah…ha…?

    • Tears and mending is probably pretty common. Though they are rather curiously placed holes….

      • He may have acquired the shirt from a previous owner who developed a fatal case of sword-through-the-chest – a distressingly common affliction in Viking era Scandinavia.

  5. Thanks for the story.

    Started reading yesterday and I am really enjoying it.
    I especially love your depiction of Loki.

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. :D

  6. does coal even need to eat anymore?

    • He does not! He doesn’t need to eat or sleep or anything now. Though he could still pretend.

      • Somehow I can’t see Coal being very convincing. Just wondering how long it will take for Hedda and Ibrahim to realize that he isn’t …ummm normal? Alive? Human?
        Or will they just ignore the elephant in the room?

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