Chapter 12 | Page 20

How’s it goin’, Rollo?

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

DON’T FORGET I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle in a couple weeks!! Figuring out how to pack con stuff is one herculean task.

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  1. Loki’s just like “Is he still following me? Good.”

    Poor little Rollo, though!

    And yay for a Purim gift of an update! *refuses to believe it is only because of the normal weekly updates* PURIM!

    • Heh, that’s exactly what I was thinking. He just wants to talk to this kid again, I think.

    • You’re welcome! Just like I planned it.

  2. Oh, gosh, did they see me hugging my boat?

    • It’s not HIS boat. >:C But he does like it.

  3. “Hey babe, it’s just you and me now…”

    Oh Loki, there is never a good reason to trick a person of royalty. Even though you are a god youshould know that grudges last longer than lifetimes. Some one will probably go Hammet on your ass at some point.

    • I don’t think he’s tricked any royal person yet. I mean, in this chapter at least.

  4. This is such a pretty page. Love your art!

  5. And so I say unto Loki the thing that EVERYONE eventually says unto Loki: “Dude, what are you doing NOW?”

    • At least the answer is not “a horse”, at the moment… *is shot*

    • Just checkin’ on Rollo.

  6. The colours look amazing!!

  7. I love the background of the first panel: the adult chasing the child chasing the … dog? Lamb? (I have a tiny laptop screen and could zoom in!) It reminded me of what my shop-owning neighbor and I called the giggle-go-round, which consisted of my Big Dog being chased by her Little Dog, being chased by her wildly laughing Toddler — around and around a big display table in the middle of the store. To people walking in, it looked like Big Dog was chasing Toddler … then they did a double take as Little Dog came around the corner, and both dogs stopped to wait for the kid to catch up.

    Anyway … it made me smile to remember all the gentle mayhem. Thanks for that! <3

    • * could not zoom in

    • Looks to me like they’re after a pig. As best I recall, pigs weren’t the easiest thing to ship over, so they don’t want to lose it now!

    • It’s a sheep actually, but it’s definitely hard to tell so small! Either way I’m glad it made you smile. :D

  8. I’d also say ‘Loki’s up to something,’ but making his name the subject of such a sentence would create a tautology, I suspect, so I shan’t.

    He is, though.

  9. This “Loki” is so different than in the old myths…where his name was a synonyme for “mischief”. Here, he’s quite amiable. Of course, this could mean he’s up to something big.

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