Chapter 12 | Page 23

Easiest kidnapping ever.

Thanks for reading! CHAPTER’S ALMOST OVER oh snap. Next is Lucky Chapter 13, oooooh. See you next week!

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  1. Dear God, his people are probably almost extinct already this late in the Viking Era. Loki you jerk, dangling that big a pain in front of him. O.O

    I’m worried now. With this being the last chapter you have in the archive, will you be stopping the webcomic? :O

    • Oh, no, I’m not stopping! I just haven’t written the next chapter yet so I haven’t put it in the archives, haha.


  3. Loki… Loki you know you’re a jerk. Why are you doing this…..

  4. WHY IS EVERYONE CALLING HIM A JERK. Look at poor Loki’s look in that last panel! He’s seeing his own children in his eyes. That’s a look of guilt. He’s realizing he should have seen this happening. Someone that young, that eager, that innocent. Knowing he’s manipulated this poor child for a plot he may regret doing in the first place. Knowing that either Sigyn or Angrboda would kick his butt three ways from next week if they ever fully realized what he did.

    Poor. Loki.

    • So much guilt.

      • I wonder if he’d really be all that worried about Angrboda considering the way he acts in the side comic, and how vaguely he answered about loving his other children during the readers questions a while back… Jormy seems to really care about him at least.

  5. Is Loki worried about how the torc becomes Coals? Seeing as it seems the items cannot be taken or given.

  6. Loki, it’s shit like this that make people not like you in the long run.

  7. I love panel four. Arne’s posture is really good, with his excited fists.

    • Thanks! Yeah he wants to go back so badly! Poor kid.

  8. I must say, I really do like the facial expressions in this page. They show so many different emotions :D

  9. They both need a hug. Seriously. Nobody ever has it easy in Norse stories, but hey, at least boredom is not a threat.

  10. Why did you steal all those items in the first place, Loki? Why? All the guilt is your own doing, is it not? Is this what your life has become? Evermore struggling to remain one step ahead of the repercussions of your own prior actions?

    And now I realize that chiding could apply to a whole lot of people…

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